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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elmo Says Hello

Introducing my latest favourite book...

An interactive Elmo book that comes with a flip phone. It has been my bedtime book for more than a week. I did not want any other books but this...

In every page, there is a sequence of numbers for me to dial. When I dial the numbers correctly, Elmo will appear and answer the question in the book. I just love pressing the numbers and I always get them right! And when the phone is left idle for 20 seconds, it will ring... *ring ring* Elmo's calling!

Some of the pictures that appear on the screen of the phone

I had an interestingly expressive conversation with Elmo today...

What? Go out on a date with you??? Haha!


  1. hahaa.. so cute.. serious face there too.. cheeky.. your girl is very cute.. how come all kids are so cute and the adults arent so when they grow up? hahhaa..

  2. Oh..the interactive book is very interesting. Gwen has one Mickey interactive book which comes with a steering wheel and it makes all kinds of sounds when the buttons are pressed.

    Chloe is very cheeky and cute lah..haha. Hey..she is wearing the same sponge bob tee and shorts as Gwen. :P

  3. Good choice... I saw similar one with Mickeymouse Clubhouse and that close to get one for ziyi last time... quite expensive... only let her play play @ the MPH.. haha

    "halo halo.. Chloe.."

  4. my hands are so itchy to buy the elmo doll which si rm399 which u can press the nose, stomach, etc n make sounds.. but darn..too expensive n dunno the little guy would play it for shortterm or long term

  5. Chloe is so funny with all her expression there! I came across this book too@Borders last week & I'll buy this for my boy too.


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