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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My New Friend

After numerous failed attempts to meet this very nice and friendly auntie, we finally made it today! We met for tea at the Grand Salon, Palace of the Golden Horses.

This was what we had... the Hi-tea set

This very nice auntie was Auntie Irene and her family. I warmed up to her cute little girl, Krystal, quite quickly. It was fun playing with her as she was extremely friendly, just like her mummy! While our daddies and mummies were busy chatting away, we kept ourselves occupied with some building blocks, jigsaw puzzles and playing on a mini stage (for a music band) nearby.

After sitting for more than an hour, we went out for a walk. We walked around the beautiful lawn and as we reached the poolside, it started to drizzle so we headed back into the hotel and had a brief stroll there.

Time flew rather quickly and soon, it was time to say goodbye. Too bad we did not manage to meet Auntie Merryn, who was supposed to join us too. Well, hopefully we'll get to meet again... the 3 of us together!


  1. Looks like the girls are busy having fun while the adults busy catching up with each other.

    Giddyap! Unicorn!

  2. haha... giddyap unicorn! haha!
    aiyo krys kept asking for cheh2 lah, after we depart. i surrender oh!

  3. smallkucing: Yeah, they even nearly rolled on the floor (carpet), it was that fun haha. Luckily they were stopped in time :-)

    Irene: Haha dah agak dah... cos she kept saying "dowan bye-bye" when we were leaving, poor girl. Next time we go swimming ya!

  4. got kawan to lepak together..hehe.

    It's a great meet up ya. :)

  5. actually Aunty Merryn lives quite near you too... maybe next time if Aunty Cynthia go visit her, will pop by your place first la.. :D

  6. Wah english style high-tea...glad you both enjoy so much for the meet up and so do Krys and Chloe.

  7. wah...u all so shiok ah? such a high-class meet up!


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