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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Waterfall Trip

We went to a waterfall again, on our second consecutive trip back to Seremban. (Our first trip two weeks ago, is here) We went to the very popular recreational park called Ulu Bendul... this time, with some extra clothing and camera!

At the entrance of the park. It looked SO different now! (Daddy and mummy used to frequent this park during their early courting days some 12 years ago)

It's a very modern recreational park, heavily re-landscaped to accommodate a huge swimming pool along the river (but it was closed for maintenance when we visited).

Free WiFi for those who enjoy a different kind of "recreational activity"...

This part of the "river" had water slides too. However, it was too crowded so mummy did not let me play here. I just watched longingly at all the other kids at play *sad* We walked along the jungle-trekking trail to look for a nicer spot to take a cool dip.

Along the way, we saw many of these very, very tall trees everywhere...

Aaah... found a nice spot here, which looked like a beach. However, Gung-gung said the water here was too still so we continued searching for that "better" spot.

This looked like a good spot... we finally settled here.

At least there was some flowing water for me to play with.

Wet and wild... Heh heh heh. I like!

Splish splash I was takin' a dip...

Gung-gung borrowed this swimming board from some strangers there but I didn't know how to use it.

Swimming in a waterfall/river for the very first time! It was very, very cold! Brrrrr....

On the way back, we saw a giant man-made turtle stone.

Time to go home... I was quite reluctant to leave and gave all kinds of excuses to prolong our stay there, like "I want to sit here for a while and I want to go there and let me take a look at that first etc."

Okay, terima kasih, jumpa lagi! (Thank you, see you again)


  1. aiks? wifi pun ada ah? Terror!

    so up todate liao all these "natural" waterfall. Like Sunway lagoon liao. The next thing we know, there might be roller coaster rides too :p

  2. wow, very interesting place. looks like chloe had a great time :)

  3. Wow..impressive. So high tech and nice one haha. I must bring Gwen there one day. :D

    The turtle rock really resembles a turtle ler. Chloe was having so much fun. So nice to see her happy faces.

  4. Never been to this place. Look very nice. Must plan already. hehe

  5. wow so hi-tech with Wifi provided. Nice place and the turtle really look giant. Great for kids to enjoy these nature park.

  6. Nice cooling trip... Chloe sure very enjoy...

  7. very nice place leh. sooo cool! eh tat giant turtle stone. man made or natural ah? hehe...

  8. you just brought back some good memories for me.. I used to come here every weekend with my family.. :D now so nice liao..

  9. At last Chloe has a chance to play in the waterfall :-). The first photo looks very crowded leh... all pakai baju and tudung somemore... you're right not to let her join them... yikes.

  10. It is always nice to bring our kids for natural outing and I would love to let Sarah experience it too.


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