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Friday, January 22, 2010

My New Snacks

Mummy has never bought me sugar-laden cereals before. After making that unflattering remark about her a few days ago, she went and bought not one but two boxes home haha...

Never eaten them before

She was contemplating on getting the third box to get Mr Krabs but after thinking real hard, nah! She has decided not to. It's too sweet to gain her approval :-(

Stars in a bowl... the main stars are the two inedible ones

Spongebob and Patrick... I ended up eating sweetened cereal because of you guys!


  1. i see a lot of moms also buying lots of cereal now... i went to giant with philip and asked him...want or not..he said dont want. so i didnt buy lor.

  2. Gwen likes this types of cereals. *guilty*

  3. hehehe.. your remarks works wonders ya.. :D

  4. the sweet cereals in my house takes a long time to finish, it's either i am too lazy to bring them out, or my girls just not interested in eating too much.

    But those cereals are still a better snacks compare to many others in the market.

    I usually buy three types, and mixed them in a container, so they can have more varieties to choose.

  5. These are healthy snacks (besides than a little bit sweet). Nowadays, YX will only drink his milk if there are cereal being added into it. *shake head*

  6. Ethel was bugging me to buy these when she saw the SpongeBob, but i didnt. She just want the toy after all. Then left me the cereal for me to eat..SIGH***

  7. Chloe's unflattering remark very effective hor? :-)

    I buy these quite frequent for my kids as they love it. Too bad I'm not able to find wholewheat cherios here :-(

  8. Wow.. another sucker for all these free goodies, like me!


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