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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I see this little car on my way to school every day (the yellow Mini).
The first time I saw it...
Mummy: Look, BB! That's Mr Bean's car.
Me: Oooooh... you mean Mr Bean came out of the tv and drove his car here?
Mummy: Hahaha!


Hayley jie-jie gave me a big bag of lovely hand-me-down dresses recently.
While taking my bath one day...
Mummy: After this, let's wear a new dress, ok?
Me: I don't have time to dress up.
Mummy: Huh?
Me: I said I don't have time to dress up!
Mummy: Hahaha!


Every morning, while preparing for school, I'm always moving like a slow-loris so mummy has to constantly remind me to hasten my movements...
Mummy: Hurry up, we're running late!
Me: Noooo... we are walking late. Mummy, you say "walking late" lah. We walk to school, not run!
Mummy: Hahaha!


Mummy bought some new CNY clothes for daddy recently. After washing and folding them, she showed them to me and asked:
Mummy: See, daddy's new clothes. Nice or not?
Me: Nice!
Mummy: These are young boys' clothes, you know... to make daddy look younger when he wears them.
Me: But daddy is an old man! How can?
Mummy: Hahaha!


  1. Your conversations with Chloe are so cute and funny!

  2. LOL...your cute remarks is making Mamarazzi laff till sakit perut la...

  3. Chloe has a very good sense of humour! Walking late... hahaha... she's correct wat!

  4. hahaha! Kids really make us laugh!

  5. Kids' talk always make us laugh. hahaha.....


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