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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wrong Timing to be Sick!

Today is the eve of our long-awaited vacation and guess what? I'm down with a bad cough. It started with a slight running nose on Saturday. Mummy thought it was only a minor cold that would go away in 1-2 days, as usual.

However, at Day 6 today, I still showed no sign of recovery. During the day, I appeared to be normal and well (no cough, no running nose) but at night, my cough was very persistent and sleep-disrupting. I must have contracted some very nasty germs! Mummy finally decided that medication was necessary so she rummaged the fridge for some old medicines. When she checked the date, oh dear... Dec 2008. Yes, it's been that long since I last consulted a doctor for cough and flu!

Sorry, it's expired...

Daddy had no choice but to take time off from work to come home all the way to bring me to the clinic. We are going to have an added chore now... to bring along these medicines and to remember to eat them :-(

The un-welcomed travelling companions

Sometimes I really wonder why. Why, when most kids fell sick as soon as they started school, I was ok? Why, when most people fell sick during the CNY/bad weather period, I was perfectly fine? Why, when everyone else (i.e. daddy/mummy) was sick, I remained healthy? Why, when we are due to fly to our dream holiday tomorrow, I choose to fall sick? Sigh...


  1. Aiyah...what a bad timing to fall sick and it happened to Gwen too. Don't forget to bring all the meds when you go. Drink lots of water.

    Maybe miracle will happen. She will be cured never know.

  2. aiyo......
    but i believe she will get well IMMEDIATELY once she sees the stuff in the trip ;-)

  3. yikes! get well soon and avoid cold drinks. coughing at night means allergy according to ashley's paed. i hope all of you will have a great time in disneyland :D

  4. Dont worry, I am sure she will recover very fast after taking the meds.

  5. Poor Chloe.... must have been a tough time for you! Get well soon!!

  6. oh poor girl.. get well soon ok? n enjoy ur trip though coffing..

  7. Cough take long time to cure. Watch out her food intake, no chill or fruits loh. Yes coughing often very bad during nite time. Sometime can cough till vomit tim, I guess the lungs are detox on the hour?? Wish her speedy recovery and try your best to enjoy ur trip ya.

  8. Get well soon Chloe...have a great trip!

  9. maybe because of the bad weather? or immune system is not strong enough.

    drink more water, more exercise, enough sleep

  10. Don't worry.. Chloe will surely gets better after taken Zithromax.. it's a very strong and good antibiotic... :)
    Happy Holidays..

  11. Aiya...wrong timing indeed. Nevertheless, she will sure enjoy her holidays.

  12. Get well soon, and have a nice holiday.


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