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Friday, April 23, 2010

Do You Floss Your Teeth?

Mummy is quite fussy over my oral and dental hygiene. To introduce me to proper dental care (besides brushing my teeth), she bought me a pack of cute kiddie floss.

Children's Flossers from Tesco

Four different colours and designs to choose from

Mummy is hopelessly terrified of dental visits herself so naturally, she just wants to spare me the agony of going under the dentist's drill or worse, "pliers". So this is what I do (and expected to do from now on) every night before bed...

Say aaaaah!

Mummy will help me with the first round of thorough flossing. I am then allowed to do it on my own and practice doing it in whatever way I like...

I like to do it while lying down so that my saliva won't drip out haha!

While we are on the topic of dental floss, here's something naughty that I did quite some time ago *giggles*


  1. Good to start them early, save all the visits to dentist!

  2. Good to start early!!

    Psst, auntie is super super terrified of going to the dentist's too :S

  3. Wah...wanna buy some for the kiddos.

    On the naughty post....I laugh when I read it. hahaha... I know...u r just curious. hahaha

  4. Good oral hygiene! Must chk these out at Tesco. How much is it? But quite sayang to throw away the cute handles after use for 1x hor. But if use a few times, scared not hygienic pula.

  5. wow... for ethan.. brush teethe oso not yet nicely... flossing ? fuiyo! :D

  6. Wah..Mummy you are so geng leh. This is actually a very good habit. I'm impressed with Chloe, she actually doesn't mind flossing and she can do it by herself. What a good girl!

  7. WAS very NAUGHTY indeed! hahaha

    Ziyi only brushes her teeth during bath time and before bed time. Not quite into flossing yet.

  8. clever.. so hygienic.. put auntie here to shame.. :p

  9. Bravo to mommy and Chloe, it's excellent to inculcate such good habit in this tender age!

  10. is it good for teeth???

    uncle never gross but brush my teeth :P

  11. good habit should stat early.. hahaha... ya, better lying down so that saliva won't drip out! Clever girl!

  12. was about to ask u where u get these in your latest post until i saw this post. So hardworking of you flossing your little girl from such young age!

    and I love the creative way of making them into a fishing game :)


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