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Saturday, April 3, 2010


After hearing so much about this place, we finally took a drive to Shah Alam today. It was still bright when we arrived, at about 7pm.

Flamingos and ducks (or geese?) at the small pond

Panda bear and bamboo shoots

Posing with one of the many small-small trees

Colourful peacock

Lights, lights everywhere...

I think this must be the main attraction there...
Rows and rows of colourful and brightly-lit trees

One of the streets adorned with lanterns and lights

Admiring some of the indoor exhibits

Meeting Frostie the snowman in Frostie's Wonderland

Look, Ma! Those squirrels are stealing the oranges!

I kinda liked this place and quietly asked mummy "Can we come here again?" Well, err... daddy and mummy said "maybe" only. Besides the colourful lights, there's actually nothing much to see or do there.


  1. Nice photos. Not bad huh this place. Chloe looks so happy there. Love her smile. :)

  2. nice. Hope one day we will be able to go too

  3. Full of lights in all so christmasy feel...need to pay for entrance?

  4. So beautiful. How I wish I could bring by kids there. They will sure enjoyed themselves. Are the lights on all year long?

  5. My wife has been bugging me to bring the kids I really have to go....LOL!

  6. Mummy Gwen: Yeah, quite a nice place but quite small...

    smallkucing: We used to say this too haha... after such a long wait, we finally went :p

    Lemonjude: Entrance is FREE :-)

    mnhl: I'm not sure also, depends on how long the place can last, I think. If you are in KL, then can drop by lah but if you were to drive all the way here just for this, not worth it lor. Small place only, 15 mins kau-tim :-)

    Pete: Haha.. go, go, go!

  7. The pictures really look like the Christmas season is already here. The lighted trees really look quite beautiful....Chloe must have loved looking at the colourful lights.

  8. Oh..u also been there edy..

    ok...wana plan plan to go one day

  9. i thought you all went during the day when i saw the first few photos. so i gathered it is quite a boring place besides the lovely lights?

  10. Nice place mah, why can not go again leh hehe.

  11. Nice lightings.... nice place to go with kids in the evening.

  12. so we shud not go? cus other than the colorful lightings, nothing else to see hor?


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