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Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Evening At The Beach II

While on our regular fortnightly trip back to Seremban, we took a short drive to Port Dickson to spend an evening at the beach. We went there with Gung-gung and Kau-foo while Ah Ma and Yee-ma stayed back to cook dinner for us hehe.

We headed to our favourite spot called Tanjung Biru or more popularly known as the Blue Lagoon. Mummy used to frequent this beach when she was young. According to Gung-gung, the sea used to be crystal clear blue many, many years ago (in the 1960s), hence the name Blue Lagoon. Although the sea is no longer as beautiful as it used to be, the whole place is quite nicely done up here.

The sea still looked quite blue from afar but on a closer look, it actually appeared to be brown...

Daddy found a shady spot at the corner of the lagoon

Kau-foo relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze and I had a great time playing with sand (in the hot sun!)

Making sandcastles

Squinting at the bright and glaring sun, although it was already 6pm+

This trip brought back a lot of fond memories of mummy's many PD trips during her childhood. Finally, here's (quite a cute) photo of mummy and kau-foo when they were kids...

Little Mummy and toddler Kau-foo squatting in the already not-so crystal clear blue sea (in the early 1980s) but at least it wasn't "brown" like now hehe.

I was only 29 months old in our previous trip here.


  1. Her sand castle is very nice... Yeah, Pd sea is brown in color one, haha

  2. Seremban to PD very near leh. Can bring Chloe more often..hehe. The beach looks clean and nice to me. From far really look blue hor.

    I also have pics of myself at PD when I was young..hehe. :P

  3. nice beach. you look like your mummy faces.

    the beach look more clean than current.... :( so take care else ... next time ur children will play with dark water.

  4. Beautiful beach, the sea is so calm. It definitely a good place for picnic too.
    Chloe had nicely built her sand castle.
    But why no one want to soak in the sea?

  5. Very nice place to relax. Have been there before :D

  6. i would love to bring jayden to the beach too, soon soon ;)

  7. Sea, Sun, Sand hmm how I wish I can go for it...long time never been to beach leh...sad

  8. Seems like everyone was going to beach last school holiday, I wonder when will be my turn. :)

    Ruoyi looked alike mummy so much. I thought it was Ruoyi in the last picture.

  9. Handsome Kau-foo oh... :)

    A very lovely outing at the beach. I used to tag along hubby to Redang beach before my 2 gals appearance.... It was very beautiful.

  10. cute the two lil kids squatting..


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