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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holiday Activity 2 - Ikea Trip

Today is one of those rare and "privileged" days where I got to go out on a weekday, thanks to mummy's old buddy Auntie BS, who brought us there. Although we were in Ikea just 3 days ago (on Sunday) we still had a marvelous time hanging out at our favourite mall (we just don't seem to get bored of this place!).

Knock, knock, knock... playing with some of the toys in the children's section

Noticed how I pushed the mini trolley? Like a monkey LOL!

We had lunch at the Ikea Restaurant. Mummy ordered a kid's combo for me which included a plate of spaghetti with 3 meatballs and a soft drink. Since I hated soft drinks, it was given to Auntie BS hehe.

First time eating the Swedish meatballs. I loved it!

After lunch, we walked and shopped in The Curve.

Playing Lego in Metrojaya. Although I have 2 boxes of Legos at home, I still love to play this in the departmental stores!

Later, as we were walking past McDonald's, I was attracted to the picture of a HUGE sundae cone. Nudging mummy, I hinted to her "Mummy, I'm very hungry". *What? Barely 1.5 hours after lunch and you're hungry already?*

Wish granted. Auntie BS bought me a sundae cone :)

Oh yes, Auntie BS also bought a set of Cinderella "films" for my ViewMaster. The ViewMaster was also given by her some 2 years ago.

Watching Cinderella on my ViewMaster

Thank you, Auntie BS for the wonderful outing and present. Please come more often, ok. Also, please don't forget my kiddy rides in our next outing!


  1. wah, the viewmaster cun leh! too bad ikea so far from us. if not we go there often too! haha!

  2. Viewmaster have kimi mouse or not? If yes, this kucing wanna get one also la :D

  3. smallkucing: Hmm, so far we didn't see any kimi mouse lah. But this other mouse called Ratatouille, got! :)

  4. Ha...definitely this is a pleasant and fruitful trip for Chloe. :) I like the viewmaster too. May I know how much is that?

  5. Interesting ViewMaster from Auntie BSien, she is so generous... on top of that, I 'm amazed that the ViewMaster still in good condition after more than 2years time?!! The credits should go to mommy or Chloe?;)

    Nice outing anyway, I think Chloe is really tall judging from her height ratio with the toy stove, in which Juan Juan was once standing right infront of the stove too!^o^

  6. so nice to go out during the weekdays rite? less crowd :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Shenny's Mommy: The ViewMaster is RM29.90 and the additional "film" is RM17.90 per set :)

    Alice: Hehe... you might be shocked to know that mummy has mild OCD who wipes and cleans all her toys before keeping them and making sure they are in good condition (esp those expensive ones) Chloe is taller than Juan Juan because she is much older ma :p

    Merryn: Ya, nice to go out on a weekday once in a while but it's still quite crowded because of the school holidays.

  9. Chloe had so much fun. The view master is very cool. Ikea is far from my house leh. Pyramid/IOI mall is my 2nd home..haha.

    Gwen also will tell me she is hungry when she wants a particular snack. And she likes to play Lego's at deparmental stores too..very hard asking her to leave.

  10. looks like your kids had a lot of fun :) love reading your posts. i came here before and i was on vacation. haven't came back for such a long time to read your posts! but no worries, ill be stopping by a lot!!! :)

  11. The photo she sat on the resting arm chair look really big girl, bigger then her age keke. That is always good the child has good appetite, seeing they eating surely increase my appetite too ;)


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