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Friday, June 11, 2010

Holiday Activity 4 - Movies and Malls

This morning, mummy made some sweet potato pancakes (kuih, actually). The pancakes were part of our movie brunch "snack plate". When I saw those pancakes, I quickly volunteered to cut them with some cookie cutters.

Yay! Can play with cookie cutters again! Make some silly faces first *cheeky grin*

Mummy then prepared a big plate of snacks for our enjoyment while watching the movies.

Let's see... we had sweet potato pancakes, scones (baked by Yi Koo-Ma), cereal combo of cornflakes and Koko Krunch, lightly toasted cashew and almonds, a few pieces of Hello Kitty butter cookies that we baked yesterday, some cherry tomatoes, grapes and carrot sticks

We watched two movies back to back... Toy Story and Toy Story 2. It was really fun nibbling on the snacks while watching our favourite movies in the comfort of our own home :)

Later in the afternoon, surprise-surprise! Guess who came to "bail" us out of "prison"? It was mummy's friend, Aunty Rachel and her son, Philip! Our initial plan to visit The Farm (a nursery with some small animals where we could feed and play with them) did not materialize so we ended up going to Sunway Giza instead.

Phillip was so cute and "guai", I warmed up to him very quickly

Somehow, I felt very comfortable with Aunty Rachel and Philip and did not display my usual timid and unfriendly self. I was quite chatty, noisy and slightly more hyperactive than usual. We had tea in one of the cafes there.

Come, let jie-jie buy you a drink...

One for you, one for me... Philip shared his chips with me, how sweet :)

Don't worry, jie-jie will take care of you.

Walking hand in hand with Philip...

Soon it was time to say goodbye to my little friend. Went home, showered and took my much-needed nap. Later, after dinner, daddy brought us to the Empire Gallery with Yeh-yeh and Mah-mah.

Trying to "wrestle" with a giant ice-cream

Entertaining Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh with some of my jokes while resting on a bench

Finally, we had the chance to savour some bread from the much talked-about The Loaf Bakery and Bistro. Mummy bought 4 pieces to try and they were really good!

The last two yummy pieces


  1. Wah!! The snack plate is so healthy and delicious leh!! And indeed Chloe is a good jie jie!

  2. wei...JIe Jie can take care of didi it's time to ahem ahem?

  3. Chole can watch the movie for so many hours? The bread from the loaf look so delicious.

  4. The snack plate is so healthy..way to go Mummy. Is this Chloe's first time meeting Aunty Rachel and Philip? So cute looking at Chloe and Philip holding hands. ^_^ Wow..whole day go outing..very geng ah.

  5. Chloe sure had fun! I wish Juan Juan would have no problem when I bring her to the cinema this coming Thursday, keep my fingers crossed...:p

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. Nice day out, Need to get my kids out to do something this holidays!

  7. healthy snacks and
    Kids bonding too! :) the mummies happy, kids also happy..

  8. wah watching Toy Story 1 & 2 in one short. I play it on DVD last weekend. haha introducing my gal b4 we go for Toy Story 3 in cinema.

  9. glad that u r able to come out even at the last min...hehehe

    let's see coming friday. if i can wake up early n no headache, we head down to klcc..

  10. Wah! :) Enjoy your holidays, see you next week! ;)

  11. Wah... the snacks plate is so healthy. Chloe is such a caring jie jie, holding hands with Philip somemore... so sweet!

  12. Very healthy snacks; great variety too! She's such a good jie jie... has she popped the question about being a "real" jie jie? ;-)

  13. wah so shiok ah! coming klcc on friday? call me!

  14. Like the way you prepare the snacks.. Wow, Chloe macam very ngam key with Philip...


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