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Friday, June 18, 2010

Holiday Activity 6 - Aunties and Cousin Visit

I have been looking forward to cousin Leanne's visit since last week. Early this morning, as soon as I found out that today's the day, I quickly passed mummy's mobile phone to her and said, "Mummy, you call Julie yi-yi lah. Remind her to bring Leanne's swimsuit. Call her lah... call now... afterwards she forget". Hahaha! I was really, really eager to go swimming with Leanne, and I especially wanted to try out my new water toy...

Testing, testing... not bad, can shoot quite far too

Leanne had to make do with my old and punctured butterfly floatie

We girls had a whale of a time at the pool

Mummy's old buddy, Auntie BS was here too. Auntie BS drove us out to a nearby Giant for late lunch (snacks for Leanne and I, since we've already taken our home-cooked lunch) and grocery shopping. We had KFC.

They ordered a Buddy Meal and we got a Tweety bird toy each :)

I later told daddy that I got the Tweety bird toy from "KLC" hahaha! That shows how "often" we dine there *smirk*

Enjoying our trolley ride in Giant

FREE kiddy rides in Giant. Sadly, none of the 4 rides there were in working condition!

Later in the evening, Auntie BS joined us for dinner together with daddy. We went to the Empire Gallery again... our 3rd visit in less than a month! We had dinner at the Grand Imperial Kitchen.

Played with my "twin sister" again while waiting to be served


  1. I remembered last time someone told me that Giant's kiddie rides were free. I didn't believe and drove all the way there just to see if the rides were really free :P

  2. hahaha...TWIN sister.

    So nice to bring her for a swim. Kids just love water.

  3. What a fun and tiring day indeed. :)


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