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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Floatie, New Toy and a Splashing Good Time

I got a new floatie today. My old floatie, the poor butterfly ring, got "murdered" recently due to excessive misuse. It was punctured beyond repair *sad*.

As soon as we returned home from our shopping outing, we changed into our swimming attires and headed straight to the swimming pool for an afternoon dip.

My current favourite colour is yellow. I chose this crab design because it's yellow.

Mummy also got me a new water toy... a squirt gun called the Shooter Space Sword!

Ready, get set, shoot! It can easily shoot as far as 7-8m away. Fun!

I kept targeting daddy and poor daddy had to use the frisbee as his shield haha.

Me and my crabbie floatie *happy*


  1. Chloe sure had fun with her new crabby float and her shooting toy, lol! Poor daddy... luckily you didn't hit him with your Shooter Space Sword!

    Have a pleasant day ahead!

  2. Kesian daddy kena bullied..hehe. Chloe is very good in posing nowadays ler. She is very pretty. Her crab design float is very cute. Wonder whether got pink in colour or not..haha..coz Gwen loves pink.

  3. wow nice stuffs! i like the squirt gun too hahahah...

    Chloe sure loves swimming ya, Jayden loves it too!

  4. your crabby float so cute la...where u bought?

  5. What a lovey crabby float! Wondoer it has purple color? is so funny to see her papa kena bullied.

  6. hahahaha...this floatie is very cute. i like it :D

  7. Mummy Gwen, Smallkucing & Shenny's Mommy: The only available colours are green (tortoise), orange (forgot what animal) and yellow (crab). No pink or purple, sorry :p We bought it from Tesco at RM4.90 only! Cheap and cute eh? :)

  8. yeah cute float! wei mana beli ni
    Shooter Space Sword! i sukaaaaaaa!

  9. came across your blog when I was searching for shooter sword...where can I get it???

  10. Hi Lizzie, we got the shooter sword from Jusco (1 Utama) for only RM5.90. We never saw it again after that. Perhaps you can try looking for it in other Juscos..


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