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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Field Trips

I went for my 3rd field trip today. It was to the KL Bird Park. I was so excited, I pestered mummy to let me go although I was down with a mild cold. Mummy did not have the heart to let me down so...

Yay! Bird park, here we come! (4 of the 9 kids who went)

Mummy did not go on the trip with me, so no photos to post.

When I came back from the trip...

Mummy: How was your trip to the bird park?
Me: I did not see a woodpecker! *sulk*
Mummy: But you saw many other birds right? Was it fun?
Me: Yes. But I also did not see a peacock! *sulk again*

A minute later, in the shower...
Mummy: Just now when you were not around, I missed you so much. Did you miss me?
Me: No. I didn't even think of you!
Mummy: :-(


However, there is still a pending post for my 2nd field trip to Zoo Negara. We went there on 27th May 2010. Ok, this is really backdated and outdated.

Mummy did not go on this trip too. The following photos are all courtesy of my classmate, MX's daddy and mummy. Thank you, MX's daddy and mummy!

Group photo with my classmates and teacher, Ms J

Baby giraffe is hungry?

Another group photo with the apes haha

Penguins! The last time I came here with daddy and mummy, we didn't see any penguins.

Waiting for the animal show to start

Camel taking a rest

Drink water

Fierce-looking lion

Makan time

Enjoying my favourite dessert... icy creamy ice cream!

After makan, made faces, then went home...


  1. dont be sad la.....Chloe has the best mummy in the world :)
    She is kidding when she said that...:p

  2. Ya lor,dont worry lay, may be she is still small,right? sometimes my children lagi "gia one" got frustrated but then again, they are only boys still lah.

    have a great weekend ahead and god bless

  3. Wow..Chloe is the tallest girl in the class. Ha..only 4 children went for the bird park, so few?

  4. Of course she didn't mean it..she is testing Mummy only. Cheeky girl..hehe.

    Wah...Chloe classmates' mummy so good. Took so many nice photos of Chloe. Mummy didn't tumpang ah?

    I don't remember got penguins too..haha.

  5. haha....she is so honest to answer you that (did not miss you).

    Y u did not follow her to the field trip? Will be fun tagging along.

  6. wow..she is very tall girl.

    SHe didnt miss you ah? that means she having a lot of fun la . :D

  7. wow, chloe's school is so much fun :)

  8. The giraffe photo reminds me that I have to nurse Maine =.=

    Love the shot of Chloe drinking from her water bottle!!

  9. I agree with Smallkucing about why she didn't miss you....she must hae really enjoyed herself there! Don't feel so bad about that...

    P/S: Wanna exchange link? Have yours in mine already.

  10. hahaha Cheeky Chloe. Purposely dun wanna say the things that mommy wanna hear.

  11. Wow, camel, lion and penguins in Malaysia? the lion looks old and haggard, haha... camel pretty good and penguins... are they real?

  12. looks like a fun day at the zoo!! :) cute lil girl :)


  13. Kids are always so honest, sometimes too honest :) especially when asked whether they missed someone or not.

  14. Shenny's Mommy: Actually 9 kids went on the trip. The photo showed only 4 of them. The rest were either not in school yet or running around in the class :)

    Mummy Gwen: This girl is very honest 1... I believed her lah haha. Didn't tag along cos too malas :p

    mnhl: Didn't feel like going, and was quite lazy, so didn't tag along lor...

    Alice: Thanks for dropping by. Sure! Will add you to my bloglist too :)

    Irene: The penguins are real, of course. You should bring your kids there! :)

  15. My daughter too would answer the same thing when I asked her whether got missing me. She even said, " We just didn't see each other for a while only, not that long wert!"

  16. Hahaha... Chloe is so direct and innocent... i'm sure she loves you all the same la :-)

    Only 9 kids went? Good also, the teachers can watch them carefully.


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