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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Road Trip to Awana Kijal - Day 3

We woke up at 8am today, after a good night's sleep, and headed straight for our breakfast.

Breakfast @ Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris

We found the buffet breakfast quite good (we are not fussy/critical eaters with very simple tastebuds). Although ordinary, here's a collection of some, just some, of our favourites...

Porridge and omelette

French toast with honey and croissant with tuna/sardine and fresh vege

Yummy rice, noodles, sambal, curry, lontong, sausages, bacon, buns, cereal, salad, many types of hot and cold drinks and much-much more!

After a hearty breakfast, mummy brought me to the playground to burn off some calories

Left: Hopscotch Right: Giant snake and ladder

We also went to the children's play-room.
Played in the playhouse and sat beside an alligator pirate

A ball-room and a heap of cuddly toys on the table

There were a few buckets of Lego Duplo too.
My Lego creation

We went for a quick (and last) stroll at the beach before checking out.
Picking seashells as souvenir

We also spotted the sand castle/fort that we made yesterday. After a heavy downpour last night, we were quite surprised to see the remaining ruins. We thought it would have been completely washed away.

One last glimpse of the hotel before bidding farewell to it

We checked-out at 12pm sharp and left for our next destination... Cherating. On the way there, we dropped by this warung, famous for its otak-otak. However we were a bit too early and there was no otak-otak in sight yet. We decided to try the satar ikan instead.

Satar ikan being grilled on a stone stove with charcoal... The warung also sold an assortment of keropok, snacks and dried seafood

Our next stop was to Impiana Resort, where daddy, mummy, Koo-koo and Koo-jeong stayed about 6 years ago. It brought back a lot of fond memories for them...

The hotel rooms were built on stilts

The beach fronting Impiana Resort

Swinging on the tyre-swing

We had a small picnic on the beach here and savoured our yummy satar ikan. According to mummy, it was more delicious than otak-otak.

Mummy Googled for the ingredients and found out that they were made with fish paste, grated coconut, onion, ginger, chilli, salt and sugar. Sedap!

A traditional kampung playhouse at the poolside of Impiana. This playhouse was furnished and fitted with working fans and lights inside.

After a rather upsetting trip to Rantau Abang yesterday, we decided to give the turtle sanctuary in Cherating a try (since it was located just along the way)...

Finally, we saw real turtles! Yay! Mission accomplished.

Waving hello to the turtles

Penyu karah

Cute penyu karah babies swimming in a fenced-up area

Big and small... the turtles here put a smile back on our faces again :)

Our next stop was Holiday Villa. Our original plan was to stay here but after hearing too many bad reviews about this hotel, we changed our minds and moved a little bit up north to Awana Kijal instead. While we were here, we decided to see for ourselves how old and rundown the place was. The reviews were right. It didn't look very appealing and was quite ill-maintained. However, something here really caught our attention. There were 2 hammocks near the beach! Surprisingly, I was willing to try it out... and fell deeply in love with it!


Aaaaaah... blissful!

A video of me enjoying my 1st hammock experience:

I loved the hammock so much, I REFUSED to leave! Our visiting time here was extended a bit so that I could enjoy the hammock a little longer. Time certainly flies when we are having fun! Soon, it was nearing 4pm and we had to start our journey home.

Goodbye, east coast! We love your charms and will definitely come back for another visit some day...

My souvenirs...

Seashells and a baby coconut (picked from the ground)

Nicer photos in Koo-koo's blog.


  1. ya holiday villa was quite lousy. Stayed there before.

    Glad you like the Satar . Didnt bite ne the cili padi ya

  2. smallkucing, the satar that we bought tarak cili padi wan la... quite sweet but nice. First time eating it, so can't compare :)

  3. I find the satar and otak otak taste similar, just that otak otak are spicy. I love them both!

    Chloe looked so happy in the hammock. haha...make one for her at home!

  4. Haha Day 3 already and she still refuse to shoe off on the beach ar? Wah she so enjoy and relax on the hammock keke.

  5. I didn't take satar, but it looked so yummy. All your food pictures also makes me drooling. Your East Coast holiday was a so relax and awesome.

  6. the last time i went to east coast was a nightmare..with ex boss and staff.. going with family is the best!

  7. oh i love the buffet breakfast at hotels. there's always local flavors as well as international ones :D the beach at the east coast is really beautiful. i could hardly find a seashell in PD :D it's sad to bid farewell to a holiday huh?

  8. look so enjoy at the hammock! hehehee

    see - cannot see your eye with big smiles.

  9. Thats was a very nice getaways...enjoy all ur details of pic and words...Awana Kijal is definitely a nice place to be...

    Chloe definitely got so much of fun...The sand castle is so neatly build...admire of that!

  10. Wah..Chloe had the playroom all by good. :)

    She really "sek tan" hor. I never seen a hammock in my life..haha..must be very syiok. :P

    I didn't know Cherating has a turtle sanctuary. We were at Kuantan 2 years ago..aiya should've gone to the turtle sanctuary lah.

  11. I love beaches, therefore I think these are splendid posts, specially I'm happy seeing Chloe enjoyed her trip so much, lol!

    Happy weekend to you!^-^

  12. Those baby turtles are cute! Chloe looks so relax swinging in the hammock :-) Did you bring along a book & read in the hammock as most Westerners love to do? :-)

  13. Chloe, it is so relax over there at the east coast right?


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