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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Morning Goodbye

Every morning, as early as 7:15am, just before daddy leaves for work, I will automatically leap out of my bed, rush to the main door to give him goodbye hugs and kisses. Very often, I would get carried away at the door, as daddy walks away...

Goodbye daddy!
Enjoy your drive!
Enjoy your day at work!
Have fun at work!
Have a nice day at work!
Happy holidays when you come back! (Hahaha! Mummy finds this amusing)
So long! But not too long... come back before the sky turns dark. Come back when it's still daytime! (And this too)
I love you!
I love you, daddy!
I miss you!
See ya!

Really cheong-hei. Sometimes when I'm over cheong-hei (long-winded) and daddy has already entered the lift and doesn't respond to me, I will shed some tears and start calling and whining "daddy... daddy *sobs*... daddy *sobs*... dadddddyyyyyyyy *cry*......"

*mummy rolls eyes in her sleep... oh no, not again!* Here's why.

Totally unrelated picture...
... but the same true blue daddy's girl... must stick to him like this when having my toenails trimmed


  1. so panjang her kaki.. lol.. envy! i think she has longer legs than MINE!

  2. Aww..she is really Daddy's sweet. Mummy not jealous?

    My Hubby is jealous coz Gwen is Mummy's girl..haha.

  3. Really a super daddy girl. Hmm my hb never trim my girl nail before. But if he want, I can't trust his skill haha.

  4. Sweet Chloe always melt her daddy's heart :-)

  5. the playing twist aje. LOL

    Ya girls more manja with dads.

  6. Looking at the last picture, Chloe is really his daddy sweetie pie. April and May's nail were all cut by her papa since the day they born. I didn't cut for them even once.

  7. wakaka this style of toenails trimmed is look cool!

  8. love the that pic! soooo manja, soooo cute! hahaha!

  9. So ngm seh tak... hahaha. absence makes the heart fonder ma :-D

  10. Really stick from HEAD to TOES wor.... haha

  11. wow....sure daddy seldom scold her. hehe.......mummy more fierce ya?

  12. I really wish my girl's relationship with her papa would be this good... how sweet!:)

  13. Really a daddy's girl yeah, but she is so sweet!

    So nice that Chloe does not have the "morning blue". Sarah would choose to be quiet and sometimes moody in the morning.


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