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Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback - Baby Video 1: Naughty Daddy & Mummy

Mummy was browsing through my baby photo folders recently, and she came across some really funny and priceless videos that tickled her silly.

Back then, dunno why, daddy and mummy just loved putting things on my head! This is one of mummy's favourite shots, taken when I was just 6 months old...

Daddy and Mummy's BEST gift ever!

I hadn't the slightest idea on how to remove objects on my head hahaha! Because of this, daddy and mummy loved to make fun of me.

Bad-bad Daddy did this to me:

Video taken when I was 9 months old - Rubber Duckie on my forehead

And bad-bad mummy did this:

Video taken when I was 12 months old - Stickers all over my face

This video had nothing to do with things on my head but mummy found it funny though.

Video taken when I was 11 months old - Laugh, laugh, laugh, cry (delayed reaction)...


  1. Aiyo....naughty daddy and naughty mummy.....Poor Chloe....hahaha...

    The last video...she must have knock her teeth with the cover? Poor Chloe again...

  2. Ya, knocked her teeth, and probably her lips too... but I checked her immediately after that and she was fine. No bleeding, nothing :)

  3. ish ish ish mummy and daddy really naughty ah.

    Chloe...come..auntie teach u become bad. When Mummy and daddy sleeping, take your paint and paint their face :p

  4. Hahaha, it must be super hard try to blow off the sticker from your nose. Naughty mommy & daddy!

  5. Wei..Mummy and Daddy very naughty wor..hehe. How come the rubber duckie can stick like that geh..haha..cute hat lor. :P

    Chloe was very cute and adorable when she was a baby. :) I like to look at Gwen's baby photos and videos too.

  6. Such cute that the kids are grown is nice to view their baby videos once in a while...

  7. Cute cute, but naughty mommy and daddy! ha ha ha

  8. Notty mommy haha. So nice to watch back the video.

  9. So CUTE~!! I like the video when she was 11 months old, her eyes were so big and bright!

    ...and the 1st video, Tsk Tsk @ daddy, bullied little sweet pie yet found it interesting!=_=

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. LOL! Daddy and Mummy having a fun time while the little one becomes the object of 'adornment'!

  11. Chloe is very tall, must be inheritted from mummy, right? Chloe is such a good girl.

  12. This video reminds me of YH when he was a baby.....similar reaction, first smiling, and then out of a sudden, crying..simply because the item on his hands knocked his lips, and he goes UWAHWAHAWAHAH!!!just like Chloe, cry until cannot see eyes, but only can see a big opened mouth!!!Thanks.....back to memory lane!!


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