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Friday, November 5, 2010

How We Spent Our Deepavali Holidays

We spent our Deepavali holidays in Seremban. It was an activity-packed long weekend. On the first day of the holidays, we went for a short trip to the Lenggeng Waterfalls and Broga. On the second day, we went for a day trip to Bagan Lalang, Tanjung Sepat, Morib and Banting (to be posted on a separate post). On the third day, we lepak-ed at Yee Ma's new house.

Before that, let me show-off something first...

I came home from school on Wednesday with this on my hand

My first henna mendhi design... drawn by my teacher

Back in Ah Ma's house, an Indian neighbour (2 houses away) gave us a bag of Deepavali goodies. I was very curious to try some of them and my favourite was obviously the "mosquito coil" muruku...

Eating muruku for the first time

We went for a car joyride and landed in a not-very-famous waterfall in Lenggeng.

We did not notice anything wrong at first but as we walked a little further in, we noticed that all the picnic huts have been sealed with these cordoning tapes...

And then we saw this notice... the river was contaminated with the deadly rat urine bacteria

The waterfall... not very nice in this picture and looked much better there

There was quite a number of picnickers there, and many were happily frolicking in the water, totally oblivious of the danger they have exposed themselves to.

Daddy explaining why we couldn't play in the water

Of course, we just had a quick look, didn't touch anything and left almost immediately. We proceeded to Broga for tea. From the coffeeshop, we could see the popular Broga Hill. No, we did not hike up the hill because none of us had proper shoes on and it was already getting late.

Broga Hill from afar

There was a rabbit farm nearby too. We did not go in because it was getting dark and we had to leave. Maybe next time.

And finally, here are some pics taken in Yee Mah's new house...

Feeling very at home... relaxing on Yee Ma's new zebra swivel chair, watching E! News Asia while sipping a bottle of Yakult


  1. rat's urine? huh... run away!

    wah can see your yee-mah's new house very country feeling oh, sure very nice!

  2. Let's go Broga Hill together one day ;)

  3. there is an ikan bakar behind the temple too, if u go again.

    Love your Yee Ma's house, so nice!!

  4. Eee...bakteria kencing tikus..haha..sound so funny in Malay. :P

    Wow...such a short holiday and you all went to so many places..amazing.

    Yee Ma's house is very beautiful.

  5. wow, luckily the authorities did something to warn the public. pretty scary to explore any waterfalls and rivers now huh?

  6. I saw newspaper published about the bakteria kencing tikus before..

    I like the zebra swivel chair leh

  7. Poor Chloe couldn't enjoy her water play due to a contaminated waterfall. Nevermind, at least she will get to visit beaches for some water fun in the next few days, lol!

    Cheer up and have a nice day!
    p/s: Yee Mah's house has got very trendy interior design wor!

  8. Eww, 'the river was contaminated with the deadly rat urine bacteria', terrible!
    Anyway, I've heard of Broga Hill as well! Many of my friends used to go hiking there, I heard the view is fantastic ya? ;)

  9. Chloe's yee ma's house is so cozy and nice. Chloe sure loves to stay there to bits.

  10. Oo...thats the place lah, I have read from newspaper about the penyakit.


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