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Friday, November 12, 2010

Self-Assigned Homework

My first year in school is ending soon. Being in Nursery Class (in a Montessori kindergarten), I have never brought home any homework at all. Lazy mummy almost never bothers to teach me anything at home. Most of the time, I entertain myself by playing on my own or watching tv. Sometimes, I will read on my own or practice writing without being told to do so. Mummy is most impressed whenever she sees me doing this!

Mummy's favourite sight... peeking from the kitchen to see me keeping myself occupied at my study table...

I write very much better on my own initiative than when I'm being told to. The reason is obvious. When I write at my own initiative, I'm in the mood to do it! Mummy wasn't aware that I have been writing on my own until she browsed through my books and found these...

Needless to say, she was overjoyed! (and proud too hehe)

Another sample of my self-initiated work (some are good, some are really bad haha)

I am not very fond of colouring. I have piles and piles of colouring books at home but hardly touch them at all. Look what happens when I am "forced" to do colouring... ("forced" as in being told to do it when I am not in the mood)

No, this was not done when I was 1 year old. I did this just last week (clearly to show my protest!)

When I'm in the right mood, once again on my own initiative, I can come up with something like this...

It took me a few days to finish colouring this picture (art block sized)

My reading skill is improving. It's not very good but I am progressing well. I am currently reading the Ladybird's Peter and Jane reading series. I can read books 1a, 1b and 2a independently but still need guidance with some of the words in 3a. When reading other books, I can identify simple words such as in, is, it, this, and, the, of, to, if, that, he, she, we etc. and read only those words while skipping the rest haha.

Reading one of my favourite pages in book 2a


  1. Wow!.. She's good...

    Peter and Jane? My son's still in 1b...

  2. Thumb up for her!! Her writing was very nice.

  3. her sweet voice.

    Chloe is so hardworking and initiative.

  4. good job, Chloe!! very clear enunciation and with such loud voice too!! =D

  5. Well done Chloe!!! You're really advanced. Your mummy coached you a lot, I bet :) Bryan doesn't know how to read. Can only recognise his own name. His mummy only started reading at age 13 hahaha. Like mother, like son!

  6. well done,Chloe...
    Your colouring skill is pretty good.Keep it up!!

    I also plan to let Ryan read this kind of story books...hope my friend can help me grabbed it from BBW sales.

  7. Wow, she is definitely progressing well, I'm impressed with her reading skill... Juan Juan still very rely on her memory in terms of reading, she memorize the story rather than regconize it word by word. Sigh~!:(

    Have a wondeful weekend!^-^

  8. Mummy, very very good lah Chloe's progress. Her writing is really nice and she practices on her own wor..impressive. Her colouring is also very nice and wah she can read so well better than Gwen.

  9. Loud and clear in reading. Great job. She is such good girl.

  10. hahhahaha, same here... when my YinYue not in the mood of coloring, she'd color like monster... when she in good mood... wah, like angel from sky... hahahaa.... chloe is very good girl loh, will do it by herself..

  11. that's good effort for self initiative.

    i realised, if i started coaching philip on his work, i get really mang cang and impatient. a fwe times, i nearly said u stup*d boy..but i hold on...

  12. Am impressed with her reading. Her pronounciation is right on the dot!

  13. well done Chloe. you are such a good girl :D

  14. Chloe memang good girl, klever like mommy :)

  15. She can read well independently, good job to her. Ya next year K1, time flies huh.

  16. Ryan's school doesn't even use Peter and Jane books...sad to say they don't even teach reading yet.

    Chloe reads very clearly and articulate.

  17. Chloe, you are a such a good girl to do 'homework' without being asked to... I like the way you read. It's very clear and got expression... Well done!

  18. Wat a good girl, doing work on her own initiative. Her Pooh coloring is super nice. And her reading is vy good, with proper pronounciation n punctuation.

  19. Good job Chloe. You write very well.

    HweiLi, you are so lucky that Chloe has the initiative to learn, write and colouring. Therefore, you need not to "fan" about it.

    For me, I almost "ou huit" when teaching Sarah to write ABC...


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