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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Busy Weekend in Seremban

Last weekend (on the 18th of Dec to be exact), we were back in Seremban to celebrate Ah Ma's 71st birthday. This celebration coincided with Mei yi-yi (mummy's cousin) and her family's visit from Australia. So we had a family dinner in a restaurant near Ah Ma's house. We had 16 guests altogether, including See Yee Por's (4th maternal grandaunt) family from KL.

A happy me with Ah Ma and Gung-gung

The dinner was good! For the very first time in their lives, daddy and mummy were given the "honour" to pre-book the restaurant and order the dishes. They ordered 8 dishes... Longevity Noodles, Steamed Fish, Nestum Prawns, Yin-yeong Chicken (Salad sauce and Herbal mix), Yam Basket with Kung-pou Cuttlefish, Signature Tofu, Loh Hon Zhai (Vegetarian platter) and Stir-fried Watercress.

However, on that day, mummy failed to snap pics of all the food except for the first dish...

The gigantic plate of Longevity noodles... "sang meen" with big, fresh and succulent prawns, century eggs and mixed veggies in gravy

She was too busy eating and didn't feel nice to stop the older folks from helping themselves to the food, until much later...

The half-eaten dishes... most of them have already been transferred to smaller plates to create space for 8 dishes on the "Lazy Susan" turntable

Ah Ma cutting her Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence cake. Happy birthday, Ah Ma! Ah Ma is 71 but mummy thinks she doesn't look a day older than 60 hehe :)

For the next 2 days, I had fun playing with my cousins, Nathan and Alyssa. We also visited Sar Yee Por (3rd maternal grandaunt) together.

With cute cousin Alyssa

Nathan, Alyssa and I playing and jumping around in Sar Yee Por's house... feeling very at home

We also went to the Seremban Lake Gardens together


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your grandma. She look so young. 60 yrs and younger.

    Yummy food

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Ah Ma! Yes, Ah Ma looks younger than her age. Good food and great company. :)

  3. yes she do look young
    maybe around 50 plus.
    um sure the food taste so good T_T

  4. happy belated birthday to your mum. Where was the restaurant? Food does look yummy...


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