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Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Back at 2010

Year 2010 has been a very, very eventful year for me. I've achieved and experienced many, many firsts, and of course, the most significant change in my life was attending pre-school at the start of the year in January.

Daddy and mummy were extremely proud of me because it was a tear-less affair since Day 1. I adapted very well to school life and did very well in school too :)

One of my favourite holiday destinations must be Hong Kong Disneyland (March).

My very first kindy field trip... Taman Tasik Menjalara. In the two subsequent trips to the zoo and bird park, I went without mummy (March).

An ugly scene... my first haircut in a hair saloon... I cried until I vomited *so embarrassing*

One of our most enjoyable and memorable holidays... Awana Kijal, Terengganu (July)

I celebrated my 4th birthday in August... had a small party in school

My first pony ride at the KL Tower (October)

And finally... our very own car! Daddy bought ME a new car, and appointed mummy as the driver hehe (November)

It was also a year that I visited many, many of places of interests (and beaches) and stayed in quite a number of hotels (more than 10!).


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! Hope it's a great year ahead for you all. :)

  2. Yeah, Happy New Year!! Hope this year will be a greater year for us all!

  3. It's a new year ahead and i m sure there will be more achievements coming. Keep up the good work, Chloe!

  4. That was a fun 2010. May 2011 be fun-er. :) Happy New Year to u and ur family, Chloe!

  5. Happy new year 2011! Lots of achievement in year 2010 and wish this year brings more fun to you, mummy and papa, Chloe!

  6. Happy New Year Chloe. One year older already and one year wiser

    Thanks for dripping by my blog. Sorry I have been very busy past few days. Not much time to blog hop.

    May this year brings you and your family lotsa joy

  7. nice wrap up.... :) i miss the elmo cupcake.... where was i then.... hehe...

  8. Such a nice update!! So pitiful lah ..... haircut until she vomited! I will bring Angel to her first haircut in the salon soon .... and I hope she will be doing ok :)

    Angel saw Chloe's picture and ask me what happen to jie jie, hahahaha :P

  9. Happy new year to you and family. Hope I'm still not too late to wish you. hehe.....

  10. Does she still cry now when going for hair cut? My girls have used to let people cut their hair since very small.

  11. Sheoh Yan: Her hair is usually cut by her Ah Ma. The first (and the last) time she had it cut in the hair saloon was the one and only time she cried haha.


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