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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Getaway at Marriott Putrajaya

Since the school holidays started last month, mummy and I have been "guai-guai" (obediently) sitting at home without any holiday plans. The only little perks that keep us excited throughout this long holiday break are the few mini getaways to nearby places such as this:

The vouchers of our 2D1N stay with BLD for 2 (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). I still get to stay and eat for FREE hehe :)

We went there with Auntie Irene, Auntie Rachel and Auntie Cynthia last Saturday. The package was bought in advance a few months ago.

The beautifully decorated main lobby

We were the first to reach the hotel, at 11am+. While waiting for the rest of the aunties to arrive, we took a stroll in the garden just outside the hotel building.

Shortly after that, the aunties arrived one by one and we checked in to our respective rooms.

The room was very spacious and comfortable!

We had Hi-tea buffet at the Terrace Cafe.

The spread was good and the desserts... they were almost endless!

Since we aren't fussy eaters or food critics, the food was scrumptious to us and we enjoyed it very much. Halfway through our meal, Mr Clown came to our table to entertain us kids. He made us not one but a few animal balloons each. I got a flower and a teddy bear :)

Thank you, Mr Clown. See how happy you've made us.

Photo time with Philip and Krystal

We then walked around with our near-to-explosion tummies, and went back to our rooms to rest. Our next appointment was to meet at the poolside at 4pm.

The swimming pool was HUGE!!

Look who's here too... it's cutie pie Princess Breanna.

The water was warm and just nice. It is one of the best swimming pools we've ever come across so far. There was a very nice water slide too. I loved it so much, I think I played on it no less than 10 times. And for the first time ever, I sat on a water slide all by myself!

1st try... with daddy and floatie ring

2nd try... on my own without daddy but with floatie ring

3rd try... all the way down on my own without my floatie ring. Yay!!

Jacuzzi-ing... also very shiok!

After swimming (and bath), I had some cornflakes and took a short nap in the room. Soon, it was dinnertime. It was a buffet dinner at the same cafe. I was starving!

Left pic: My dinner. I polished the whole plate of rice (except for the cheese-baked mussels which I wasn't adventurous enough to try) with a big piece of BBQ chicken, fish fillet, potatoes and veggie. I even asked for extra rice! *mummy raised eyebrows*

Yummy desserts... cakes, pastries and ice-cream

Ice-cream, anyone? I've saved some for you... there, on my chin ;)

The lighted Christmas tree looked so much prettier at night

At night, Auntie Irene and her family came over to our room to lepak. While the adults were busy chatting away, I had a fun time playing and running around with Krystal.

Creating a ruckus in the room... disturbing Auntie Irene with our loud "klik-klok" toy

The next morning, we had another round of buffet breakfast that filled our tummies to near-explosion again. The spread was very good too.

Greasy and fattening but yummy!

Luckily this juice bar saved the day (morning). Daddy and mummy washed down their greasy meal with 4 big glasses of fresh juice (total of 9 types of fruits and veggies) and instantly felt "healthier" haha!

Customized fresh juice... just pick and order

Krys and I racing to finish our yoghurt

And finally...

Goodbye, till we meet again!


  1. Wow, so much fun! The hotel room looks big and comfy~
    And needless to say, those food looks yummy too!

  2. Actually its 81 combination of fruit/veg. I had my usual carrot+apple

  3. Wow... I only focus on the food *drooling* But of course, getting together with friends is enjoyable too... especially for Chloe. Although it was a mini gateaway, the fun was HUGE!

  4. wow~ the food make me drooling. hehehe. chloe sure enjoy herself.
    hahahah, like me and my boyfriend, drink the comb of fruit/vege to feel healthier. lol

  5. it was FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN, let's hope we can do this again next year!

  6. Wah.. so nice... free stay!~ Looks so enjoyable!

  7. well done Chloe! sliding down by herself needs a lot of courage.... nice outing again.....

  8. PnP mum: It's not free stay lah... sorry for misleading you. It is a package that we bought that came with 3 buffet meals. Had to pay one :p

  9. Such a joyful gathering! Whao... warm water even under these cloudy weather, and I can see the sliding pool was quite shallow(normally the water was quite deep if the particular pool was equipped with slides). Jotting down now and definitely must check it out!^-^

    Thanks for sharing, have a nice day!

  10. Wow...blogger gathering in the nice! Krys and Chloe are good friends now huh. :)

    HL, what package is this? How much did you pay?

  11. Sure looks like a fun place to stay! Fun for the kids.....and nice food too!

  12. Wow that was fun I believe. That hotel looked so nice and have a spacious room @__@ I love foods and swimming pool the most hahaha ;D
    I never try a jacuzzi!!!!!!@#$ hahaha
    Chloe spent many of her time on hotel lately eh? So fun, I couldn't wait for my turn ,sigh

  13. Looks like krystal and Chloe will be best of friends...
    Nice hotel! Looks pretty impressive!

  14. i can tell that you all like this hotel and the Palace of the Golden Horses a lot :)

  15. Those food really make me hungry, the room is very cosy.

  16. Blogger get-together brot to the next level -- a hotel stay. How fun!


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