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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Something happened at the indoor playground in The Curve today. I was playing happily on the slide with another girl, a very sweet and pretty little girl who was about the same age as me. While sitting side by side on the platform at the top of the slide, the both of us did nothing and just smiled at each other. Suddenly, this little girl put her hands on my shoulders and started shaking me violently. Before mummy could come and pull me away (she was standing quite a distance away), she witnessed something even more horrifying... this little girl started hitting me and slapping me on my face a few times like a possessed little demon! What a crazy kid!

Mummy was fooled by the sweet, innocent look of the little girl, who turned out to be an aggressive and abusive bully! And what did silly me do? I just sat there and grinned at her without retaliating or trying to walk off. Silly, silly me! I was too timid to react! Sigh...

This incident shocked and angered mummy so much, she *embarrassed and sorry to admit* taught me something really bad... "WHY DIDN'T YOU HIT HER BACK??" Okay, she didn't really mean it but she was really enraged by the bully's attitude. She almost wanted to tell the little girl's mummy off, who was sitting nearby reading a book, totally unaware of the drama her daughter has created. Mummy, being timid herself (hah!), just did not want to create a scene there.

This is the playground where it happened (pic taken 2 months ago)

Daddy and mummy are deeply worried now. I have been too protected all this while, I don't know how to fend for myself. The least I could do was to walk away but I didn't. How???


  1. Must start to teach Chloe how to defense herself against bully!! She's a sweet innocent girl, Mummy should explain this matter to Chloe, I believe she will understand better to protect herself later. Shame for the bullier! Poor Chloe dear ><

  2. Oh yes, what would be better than to armour yourself with defense knowledges! Next time when you meet that girl, remember to pay her back with a 'karate' kick?!! Muahaha!(Just kidding)

  3. I think Chloe was too shocked to react. Don't worry Mummy, CHloe is schooling already she will eventually learn how to protect herself from bullies. With more interaction she will become more brave.

    I thought Gwen was timid too rupa rupanya she is quite fierce. I saw how she fought back when my friend's son kacau her..haha. Gwen kicked him too..*slap forehead*

  4. Oh my oh my! Sorry to hear this. Think Chloe was just too shock to react. Mummy too probably. Happened to Vic once when a boy accidentally or intentionally rode (on a bicycle) into her. Daddy went straight for him. Vic just stared. Seriously I don't know whether it's better for us parents to jst say a word of comfort to our kids and walk off, or go confront the kid/kid's parents and demand an apology.

    Time to reveal the ugly truth if haven't... this world is a cruel place. Anyone hits you, or hurt you, or in anyway upset you, TELL SOMEBODY QUICKLY.

  5. gosh...Agree with Irene. Maybe Chloe too shocked to react. Even you were cheated by the angelic face mah...Where was the "angelic" girl's parents? They didnt do anything? Dnt know what this girl will grow up into.

    Chloe ok or not? She is just sweet nature la.Mine also..kena bullied by kids younger than him

  6. OMG! Sorry to hear what happened to u, Chloe. U okay or not? When auntie was a little girl, auntie was bullied too. And auntie behaved just like you. Stand there, dunno what to do. Too shocked, cuz nobody ever laid a finger to hit auntie when auntie was a little girl... not even auntie's parents ever hit when get bullied, did not know what to do...auntie just told auntie's mum and dad, and they asked auntie why didn't auntie hit back too. Den auntie stupid stupid say...hit ppl is bad. *pengsan*

    Anyway, dun be fooled by people's sweet and docile appearance. People who look sweet and pretty and sweet does not mean that they are an angel, Chloe. When you're older like auntie, you'd realize that some pretty and sweet girls are the most dangerous person. Why? Cuz they not only will backstab you, but some of them are homewreckers too...rampas ppl's husband and make people divorce and stuff. Not everyone who are pretty are good, and not everyone who dun look nice and fierce on the outside is bad. Must keep that in mind, ok? Dun be fooled by people's sweet appearance.

  7. Oh, poor Chloe. Hope she's ok, not scratched or anything. Yeah, I guess she must be too shocked to react. Must teach her to run far far away from the bully n tell Daddy n Mommy (or any adults) when some1's hurting her.

  8. Oh no! What a crazy kid? Her parents not around that time??
    Must teach Chloe how to defend herself...

  9. Sigh... poor Chloe to meet such nasty girl. I against violence and don't wish to see any hitting or kicking during playtime.

    Next time, when the situation occurs, Chloe can shout out loud to get all mummies'/daddies' attention. Hopefully the bullier's mummy realizes about it.

    It's time to pick up some karate moves, keke..

  10. Gosh this is crazy. My blood boils too as I was reading it. Ashley has been bullied a number of times and I am furious about it because the bully of course may not know what he/she did was wrong but their parents just sat there and do nothing eventhough they witnessed it. Teaching our kids to inform us when that happens is a good idea. We can go there and tell the bully what they did is wrong :) i hope Chloe is ok now.

  11. Aiyo.....that's terrible! That little girl should get some kicks and slaps from someone else (other bullies).

    As Chloe grows up, am sure she will know what to do next time.

    Note: My SIL's son who just entered primary one this year was being bullied too. His nose was being pinched till blue black on the 2nd day of school. Sigh! Worse, my SIL does not even know which kid did that to her son!

  12. Your post of this reminded me to teach my kids to defend themselves too. My girls too more to those timid and shy type. This incident was really bad. Some kids are just too naughty and rude. It is time to teach Chloe how to react to this type of incident.

  13. I a sure chloe must have felt very scared then,,, thank god you were there to protect her...

    i think this is family problem lah,,,,,,,or family background, usually with good family values,children won't turn out to be like that one,,,,,

  14. Agreed with other, she might be over shocked. Never ever in her life being bully like this, not even in school. She sure learn a lesson now. Next time she would know what to do and protect herself.

  15. Dear everyone, thanks a lot for sharing your views here. We have since taught her to walk away or at least say NO, STOP IT! and scream for daddy or mummy as soon as possible.

    This girl is just too TIMID. I shudder to think of those "higher degree" of bullies in school later on in her life. She seriously needs to equip herself with some basic tae-kwan-do moves!

  16. Chloe just too kind hearted... :) not evil at all...
    i bet that girl receive frequent violences at home or at her daycare centre.. those are the two prime suspect... pity that little girl too la.. the is also a reason behind of her bully behaviour...

  17. Poor Chloe. Ya .. I think I will be very angry too if that happens but sometimes, not all kids can control their tamper and attitude and still in the process of transformed and learning. That's what I told myself when things like this happens.

    Last time when Angel was hit by this little girl, I nearly went up and hit that little girl back *shame on me :P* I think it's ok as long as the kid doesn't belongs to those mom who saw the entire incident and give me the " Oh well ... that's no big deal hitting by my son/daughter, mou-chuen-mou-lan ah." ......then I really feel like killing the parent! *shame on me again!*

    But I really don't know what to do when this happen too.

  18. hmmm... similar incident happened to Krys' cousin sis, kind of timid (7 yr old) she was bullied in one of the paid playground in ikano, my husband walked up to the boy & gave killer stare & asked him why hit ppl? he jus sat inside the toy house and nver came out, then i think the same boy also pushed krys, i think krys pushed him back *slap forehead* but this girl who whack chloe, sounds extreme man. if me, i sure confront the mom or maybe not... hmmmmm... somtimes u know, we just donwan to cause a scene but damn boiling after that kan?


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