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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 1st MPO Experience

Last Sunday, I finally went for my very first MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) concert. The day was quite an eventful one, I would say.

On the morning of the concert that we have been waiting eagerly to attend, I woke up with a big smile on my face. I looked perfectly alright until I crawled into daddy's arms and snuggled under his armpit. My body felt warmer than usual and the beeping sound of the thermometer confirmed daddy and mummy's worst fear... I was down with a 38-ish fever. A few days earlier, mummy was down with fever and cold too and I must have caught the bug from her. It was inevitable cos I kept sticking close to her despite being shooed away repeatedly. Sigh...

I was given a dose of paracetamol right after my morning milk. In the meantime, daddy and mummy had to determine whether or not to bring me along. They discussed other options (Plan B), thought long and hard, imagined all the possible consequences and even contemplated "dumping" me at Mah-mah's house and go ahead without me *sobs*. By the time they came up with their decision, my fever had already subsided haha! So, off to KLCC we went.

Our concert tickets... daddy bought the RM30 seats (with 10% discount for Petronas Mesra cardholders)

I slept in the car throughout our 30 minute journey there. Upon arrival, I looked rather listless and refused to walk. I wanted daddy to carry me...

The mighty daddy carrying his 20kg+ princess everywhere he went!

We reached KLCC at 12pm and headed straight to the Signature Foodcourt for lunch. After lunch, we still had some time to kill before our 2:30pm matinee so we walked around the outer display area of Petrosains.

Daddy bought me something from the Petrosains shop

Yay, concert time!

This was the theme we chose... Summer Beach Party. Too bad we couldn't dress to the theme. We had to wear smart casual... no shorts, sleeveless (for men) or slippers!

Walking into the hall, my first words were "Mummy, it's so orange!" (referring to the lighting) I had expected a dark hall like in a cinema haha. I finally saw all the orchestra instruments in real life! I could identify a few of them while mummy told me the rest one by one... the harp, tuba, violin, cello, double bass etc. As we were seated in the middle of the auditorium, we had quite a clear view of all the musical instruments. (Photography was strictly prohibited in the hall)

Daddy and mummy have been to many MPO performances before this but this was their first Fun For Kids show. It was a very interactive and engaging performance and I enjoyed it very much. Mummy caught me tapping my fingers to the rhythm. We also did actions, clapped to the beat and during the last two pieces, I even got up and danced to the Carribean calypso and Samba hehehe! When asked if I would like to come back for another show, I gave them a resounding "YES!"

After the concert, we headed straight home. I slept in the car again on our journey home and to mummy's horror, I was feverish again. This time, it was just low-grade hovering around 37-ish :(

Back at home, she gave me a quick bath and cooked me a simple but yummy dinner. I downed the whole BIG bowl of meesua soup with fish, carrot and egg. I was given another dose of paracetamol after that. I then spent the whole night playing with that "something" bought from the Petrosains shop earlier...

Wisdom Bead IQ Puzzle (it was only RM8.40 after a 15.5% discount for Petronas Mesra cardholders)

With 180 possible arrangements for the flat triangle and 2 possible arrangements for the pyramid ... it looks easy but it is NOT!

There are 9 levels to this game. I played the 1st level for kids. It was too easy. I played the 2nd level for teenagers, it was easy too. I played the 3rd level for "elders", it was ok but not challenging enough. I played the 4th level for adults... well, this suited "my level" hehe.

Hooked to the game...

I did it!

My fever was gone just before bedtime and it never came back again after that. Yippee!


  1. Chloe's body very smart, can 'control' the fever to subside just on time! :P

  2. bravo Chloe for being able to FIGHT off the fever this time :D

    MPO is nice right...

  3. in order to go gai-gai no more feber ya? Kesian daddy have to carry two bags of rice. Your Daddy really strong leh.

  4. Never been to MPO must have been enjoying it so much till ur fever is gone..

  5. This auntie here also never heard of MPO before.. wahh..u r more canggih, girl!

  6. Bravo to Chloe for sitting thru and enjoying herself so much! Wah..some more can get up and dance??? How I wish Ryan would have appreciated the concert like Chloe.
    I am more impressed wiht her for being able to have the focus to do that puzzle.
    And strong immune system too!

  7. Great to hear that Chloe like to go to MPO. Do you know that Shenny jie jie also like to go to MPO? and she has gone there for numerous time already. Her 1st experience of MPO is also around your age too( :)

  8. aiyo..i just bought that Lonpos thing and it costs Rm39.90 from MPH!

  9. Poor Chloe...down with fever that day. Luckily her fever subsided and she was able to attend the concert. I think Gwen won't enjoy the concert..hehe.

  10. Din know there's such a thing as Fun For Kids MPO.
    The beads game looks interesting. But need lots of patience. Wah, her entry level is the adult's level. Smart gal!

  11. Me too, nvr been to Kids' MPO... it sounds interesting and now I'm tempted to bring my girl liao since it's interactive!

    Take care Chloe, hope you hv back to your usual self!

  12. I love the last pix....sweet smiles.

  13. I don't know they got MPO concert suitable for kids!!! Thanks a lot for sharing...

  14. What a great experience for her. Luckily she able to make it. Oh that IQ Bead puzzle is quite cheap leh.

  15. I've never been to any MPO performance before, sounds fun and interesting. Chloe look stunningly beautiful in the white dress. Me like!!

  16. Timing's really good that Chloe's fever subsided just in time for the performance...It's very very nice to expose kids to music...I must look out for such special days when kids can enter. Sounds really interesting!

  17. i've also never been to any MPO before :) sounds like it's a lot of fun. glad that chloe is better in less than 24 hours :)

  18. Wah...Chloe looks good in the dress. Glad she enjoyed the MPO. Bravo to daddy for his muscles! :)

    Can't decide how the game is to be played. But glad Chloe enjoys it.

  19. the game seems interesting and fun for the kids.

  20. Another constructive toy that Chloe has.


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