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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Day at New Jusco in 1U

The all-new, bigger and better Jusco in 1 Utama has reopened recently and we went there on their very first day of opening. Coincidentally, daddy was on leave that day :) We headed there almost immediately after school and lunch (at home).

Of course, my main target was the kidddy play land. Since everything in it was brand new, daddy allowed me in and paid RM3 for a 20-minute play time. Needless to say, I had a whale of a time there...

Oh how I loved the ball pool!

And the slide...

And this bounce-bounce ball

There were lots of toys there for me to play too...

First, let's drive to the market *honk honk*

Buy veggies...

Buy fish...

Be careful with the eggs!

I'll be my own cashier :)

Welcome to my lovely kitchen

Your meal will be done in a jiffy

For once, it felt great playing with those new toys, where not a single piece was broken, dirty or missing :)

At the real supermarket, I shook hands with this Mr Mushroom, who after that gave me some cute mushroom stickers

I also adored this giant Sing-a-ma-jigs mascot. I was very naughty. I went behind and poked its buttocks when it was swarmed by kids teeheehee!

Playing with a Hotwheels set displayed at the toys section

The day ended with us pushing a trolley-ful of goodies from the supermarket to our car parked far, far away! Mummy also bought some junkfood hehe... half a dozen of Mister Donut (Japan's largest donut chain) to try.

The choco-ring donut was really yummy, with a very unique chewy texture


  1. ahhhh...we gotta check it out soon. been waiting for it to reopen. If ashley sees the play area, she'll wanna go too.

  2. I can tell from Chloe's face that she is really enjoying herself!!

  3. much to play... it would be nice too if she has someone to play with her too..

  4. So nice, get to go Jusco on a w/day n play at the new play land. Doesn't look like there r many kids there so Chloe can hv the plc all to herself.

  5. Chloe grown taller these few weeks? from the photos the toy seems to have shrunk.

  6. you 'pao' again the whole play land?? LOL... next time remember to ajak me sekali tau..the more the merrier mah...

  7. The play area is so much fun and lots of toys. Envy Chloe get to play there. RM3 for 20mins and everything is new, indeed very worthy.

  8. The new playground is, well, new and clean, haha! They have market and kitchen as well, a very complete 'mummy's role' there. Love it!

  9. Wah, RM3 for 30minute? That's sooo worth it, beats paying RM3 for that measely 5 minute train ride at New Wing. OK OK, this is a MUST GO during the raya hols... maybe bump into you, hehehehe

  10. Wow, they even hv a market place and home kitchen for the kids! Kiasu mode on, must bring my kids one of these days liao!^^

  11. poke the buttock!! U r very brave. YX does not even dare to step near these mascots. So timid ya.

    The donuts look so yummy! One of my fav snack....

  12. I think it's like more than a year I didn't go to 1U! The new Jusco is so nice now. The kiddy play land is so new and exciting. Chloe looked so happy and sweet.

  13. Smallkucing: Hah? Just a few weeks can grow so tall meh? Dun think so... maybe it's just the angle gua :)

    Wyson: Not really "pao" the whole place la. There was another kid in there too. Next time we ajak u, make sure you can make it wor!

    Irene: RM3 for 20 mins only, not 30. This Raya we wont' be around so no chance to bump into you... next time lah ;)

  14. Chloe must be one of the pioneers to step foot into the brand new kiddy playland! Sooooooooo cool! She does look like she had an awesome day!

  15. hmmm...time to visit 1U again liao!

  16. Looks like a great place for kids, I especially like the pretend play areas with the supermarket, cashier and kitchen. THere are just too few pretend play areas for kids in Spore :(

  17. Oh the playground look fascinating. Good for daddy to drop the children there while mommy can shop peacefully.

  18. Nice playground, Chloe have is day there! Happy holiday to you n ur family...

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