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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun Fair

Everytime we are back in Seremban, we pass by this fun fair a few times in a day as it is quite near to Ah Ma's house. It is very eye-catching, especially at night with its colourful bright lights and all. I have been yearning to go to this fun fair since the day I saw the workers assembling the ferris wheel and setting up the place. That was about 2 months ago!

Well, after an early dinner on Saturday, Gung-gung finally suggested bringing me there for a "look-see". I have never been to an "old-fashioned" fun fair like this before, besides the amusement parks in Genting Highlands. Before leaving the house, I gave mummy an eager reminder... "Remember to bring the camera ok. Must take photos and put in my blog!"

Asia Fun Park in Seremban

Beaming at the fair *too happy*

Entrance and parking were free but the tokens cost RM2 each. Daddy bought 10 tokens for me to play whatever I liked. As expected, I spent all the tokens only on rides.

My favourite ride... the up-down-round-and-round ride

The boring round-and-round fire engine

Gung-gung accompanied me on the Ferris Wheel... loved it!

Another round-and-round ride... I felt a bit dizzy when I got down from the ride

Watching people scoop lucky duckies in one of the game booths

Just like that, pusing-pusing a bit, RM20 gone. So much for round-and-round rides! The rides were quite expensive, averaging at RM4 per ride. There were also a few RM2 kiddy rides, while some of the thrill rides (for adults) cost as much as RM6 per ride.

I enjoyed myself very much that night and kept asking for more. I also pleaded with mummy... "Can we come here again? Please? Pleeeeeeaaaase?" When mummy said no, I put on a glum face and muttered "I'm gonna miss this fun fair so much...." many, many, many times!


  1. My girl too loves funfair and all its rides. Chloe looked so happy and contended playing all the rides, these will be her part of her precious childhood memory for sure!

  2. Hahaha, like her statement on reminding mummy to bring camera. I like this kind of old fashion funfair when I was younger.

  3. I'm very scared to bring to funfair..haha..sure tak mau balik. Chloe is so cute hor. Bring her again lah Mummy. :)

  4. Oops I mean "bring Gwen to the funfair"...hehe..

  5. I love fun fair~ I know it's not for me anymore, but I just love walking around and see kids enjoy playing the games!

  6. Contradict to Chloe, we've been to these old fashion fun fairs more than the amusement parks in Genting Highlands, hehehe.... because they keep coming back after 4 - 5 months in a year.

    But I try procrastinating the visit - it's not cheap like you mentioned, RM4 per ride averagely.

  7. Oh yes I wish to bring my kids to fun fair too. It's absolute fun. Can see Chloe enjoy herself to fullest.

  8. This type of funfair is commonly seen in my place. Like Yvonne mentioned, twice a year. All the rides ain't cheap, especially I have to cater for 2 kids. But, I still bring them there once a while, just to let thme have fun. Chloe was really having a good time, after the Cherating outing and now funfair.

  9. oh coincidentally, Ashley has been asking to go to the funfair near my office. of course i didn't allow cos that one looks pretty scary to me and i think it caters to foreign workers :( it's great that Chloe had lots of fun. Wish a similar one is held over (besides the one at my office )

  10. I love fun fairs! Especially eating the candy floss... Chloe din play any of those fun fair games???

  11. We have yet to bring the kids to this fun fair! There is another mini one in Carrefour. Can see it by the roadside.

    Btw, where is Ah Ma staying ? Hmm........

  12. Look at her her happy face..... Sure worth it lah....
    I wish I got a chance to visit an old fashion fun fair, there should be one around my place.... Hmmmm...

  13. oh, so fast u went there already?? i passed by so many times , but mummy & daddy refused to bring me there..but now wanna go also cannot, they already moved lah...sobs sobs..


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