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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Sweet Gesture

Three weeks ago, Ah Ma had a fall on the golf course (Ah Ma is an avid golfer even at her golden age of 72) and fractured her left wrist. That very weekend, we went back to Seremban to visit her. When I saw Ah Ma's hand in a cast, I showed my sympathy and "sayang-ed" her hand a few times.

The following day, after we have returned home to PJ, I did something really cute and funny. I kept blowing kisses out of the window and said "These kisses are for Ah Ma. I hope Ah Ma will catch them!" Later, I told mummy that I wanted to make a card for Ah Ma. Since it was already quite late at night, mummy just brushed off my idea and told me to do it the next day.

The next day (when mummy had totally forgotten about the card), I did it on my own. I cut a piece of A4 paper into a small card and wrote the following words...

Mummy found the word Ah Mu hilarious LOL!

I asked for the spelling for "draw", "card" and "Ah Ma" but must have heard wrongly or written wrongly thus "Ah Ma" became "Ah Mu". Mummy then helped me with another more proper card.

Girl at work... mummy was very, very happy and proud of my sweet gesture and initiative to cheer Ah Ma up

My writing... mummy spelled almost all the words for me except for my own name and I Love You

The front: Polka dots and stickers

The back: A picture of me, Ah Ma, a cat, a mountain with flowers, a tree, a sun and a rainbow

When the card was done, I picked an envelope, placed the card inside and helped mummy to affix 2 stamps on it. I also personally dropped the letter into the post box just outside our home.

Surprisingly, Pos Malaysia was super fast and efficient! Ah Ma received my card the following morning (in just over 24 hours!) She was so surprised and delighted to see my card that all her pain and agony melted away instantly! Happy Ah Ma = Happy Me :)

Gently stroking Ah Ma's bandaged hand during our 2nd visit last weekend. Ah Ma is feeling better now... with the cast taken off


  1. Oh dear...hope Ah Ma's wrist recover soon.

    Chloe's self-made card is so nice... definitely cheer up Ah Ma. And sending them by post is such a great surprised for Ah Ma!

  2. Wah..ah ma can play golf..geng ah. Hope ah ma recovers soon.

    Chloe is such a sweetie to make a card for ah ma. Her writing is very nice. Lovely card.

  3. wah..Ah Mah is still playing golf at 72? Very keng wor!!!! Hope she get well soon and can go to the field again :)

  4. sweet of Chloe. i hope ah ma's hand is better now :)

  5. Very thoughtful of Chloe. Ah Ma sure felt delighted when receiving the card.

  6. Chloe is so sweet and thoughful. I wish Ah Ma a speedy recovery so that Chloe's worries would be lessen :)

  7. Such a sweet little girl, very sensible and thoughtful too! * HUG

  8. With this card, sure Ah Ma will recover very quickly! You're a sweet darling, Chloe~

  9. Sweet sweet sweet...... Ah ma must be very happy and tell all her friends....

  10. Salute! Your ah mah play golf ah? You got follow her or not. Can be one of the youngest golfer champion

  11. Chloe is such a thoughtful little gal. Ah Ma is so lucky to have such a loving grand daughter. Get well soon, Ah Ma.

  12. Wow, so touching. Your ah ma surely felt sweet deep inside her heart.

  13. u are so cute chloe :-) very lovely card indeed!

  14. Ah ma will be so very touched and moved by your little gesture,little girl,,, keep a good heart there ya


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