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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunderland Bay, Wildlife Park and Family Dinner 2

Day 5: September 4th, Sunday

It's Father's Day today. The Aussies celebrate FD on the first Sunday of September so daddy got to celebrate FD two times this year :) We enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, baked beans, pancakes and fruits.

Happy Father's Day! The two proud dads and their kids

After breakfast, we spent the morning at the Sunderland Bay beach nearby (within walking distance from our house). 

Walking to the rocky beach
It was low tide at this very rocky beach. During high-ride, this whole place would be underwater. The view there was spectacular (although it looked rather dirty and unpleasant in these pics)
Daddy and mummy taking photos of each other... we (the girls) were standing on the seabed of live seaweeds, kelp and other tiny sea creatures
A rock pool... there were many of such pools around the rocky beach
Here's what we saw in the rock pools... the water was so clear that we had a very good view of the beautiful corals, mollusks, fishes etc. in it... it was like going for a scuba-dive without getting wet! 
A sea anemone (the red thing)
Daddy spotted lots and lots of these black morsels. Guess what are they?
Alyssa and I had fun playing and scooping sand and water. The water was icy cold. Brrr!

Next, we went to the Philip Island Wildlife Park. Upon entrance, we were each given a bag of animal feed hence a feeding spree we went. It rained on and off (just light drizzle) the whole time we were there so we just put on our hoods.

Watched from afar while daddy fed the cygnets. Earlier, I saw how mummy's hand got pecked (ouch!!!) by the black swan so I dared not go near any of them.
Daddy feeding the emu. Again, mummy and I were intimidated by its size (it was taller than me!) so we dared not go near it hehe!
Feeding a wallaby... aah! This one was very cute and gentle... I liked :)
Noticed this wallaby's huge belly? We suspected there was something in its pouch...
Just moments later... surprise! A little joey popped out to say hello to us!   
*Sayang* Gently stroking a kangaroo while daddy was feeding it
I loved feeding this kangaroo the most. It was very gentle and "polite". I loved the ticklish feeling when it licked and nibbled the pellets off my hand.
A cassowary 
We finally had a closer view of a koala... and it wasn't sleeping but busy eating instead hehe
Other animals that we saw in the wildlife park... dingoes, wombats (I fed and touched this too), blue-winged Kookaburra and pelicans
Our lunch back at the house... Australian specialties of Meat Pie, Vegetable Cornish... 
... Lamington and Vanilla Slice for dessert
Soon after lunch, it was time to say goodbye to Philip Island and return home. On the way back, we managed to drop by a Chocolate Factory and tasted some of their choc samples :)
After reaching home and taking my bath (Bath facts: I only took my bath twice throughout our 5-full day stay there hehe! The weather was too cold for daily baths and mummy was afraid that I might catch a cold), we took a rest and later went to Ching yiyi's (Mei yiyi's sister) house for another round of family dinner.

Dining with cousins... at a mini dining table just for us kids :)
Food glorious food!
Having a ball of a time in Kai Yin's (Ching yiyi's daughter) playroom
Saoirse the tea-lady was busy pushing a cart of porcelain tea set


  1. Awww...Sunderland Bay beach made me recall a place called Rosebud, which also allow us to walk on seabeds when it is low tide.

  2. wow, that's a fun day. The cygnets are cute. I wonder if they would turn to black colour as they grow older.

  3. Wow, Chloe went to alot interesting places~ Alyssa is such a sweetie!

  4. So much so much fun, so much so much good food. I would cry on the return trip too if I was Chloe.

  5. Chloe got so many friends there!~ So cool!~

    Daddy earn d.. celebrate 2x father's day!~~~

  6. Looks like sooo much fun! I wont want to come back to Msia if i were u.. haha..

  7. The best of trip is... beside hvg an wonderful experience with the marsupials, Chloe get to make fabulous new friends and companies!^^

  8. Up close & personal with the wildlife is such an unforgettable experience!

  9. Mummy to chumsy: Yes, those cygnets are actually the black swan's babies... just think of the story The Ugly Duckling :) Although they (the cygnets) looked quite big, their chirps sounded very infant-like... like newly hatched chicks!

  10. Wah the water is so clean. Nice experience on nature & animal for her. Haha this mini dining table is so cute. She ain't bored there wor, so many cousin around to play with.

  11. Can really see the sea creature :O very clear water.

    Wallaby and kangaroo are so cute, aren't they?

  12. Hey,don't worry about not leaving comments in my blog,sometimes I am like you too, come here without comments,, anyway truly appreciate it.

    by the way your HL blog is exclusive ,right? if you don't mind can you add me in, cos i love to learn about good health too

  13. So many interesting things to see and do...wah..what a great experience. Daddy is so brave feeding the Emu. I'm intimidated by it too.

  14. Feeding the animals are so fun but I will chickened out too.....hehe.... but I will love to feed the kangaroos... soft fur ya!

  15. Btw,steam crabs no need to add seasoning. coz already salty enough

  16. Now only I know why my hubby said, Australia is the best place for retirement. Lovely place isn't it... Planning to visit there one day. Goald Coast, Melbourne, Sidney, Perth and Tazmania...

    Did you try their lobster noodle "Long Har Sang Min" ? Taste really good you know.


  17. so nice and crystal clear those water among the rocks. Australia is really a beautiful place lucky Chloe get to visit this country at so young age :)

  18. Another great day wt fun activities you have there. so nice to get to see so many cute animals except the except the huge emu hehe..

  19. Such a nice family trips seeing all the animals :) The wallaby looks bigger then those I saw in Bangkok :P

    My oh my, your Ching Yiyi's house is just like the dream house for kids leh with all the kids tables, chairs + the massive toys!!!!!!!! I think kids would be so happy to stay in such a lovely house like that :) :) Saoirse is so pretty and cute. And the kids wouldn't breake the porcelain tea set??? Wow, such good kids you guys are having there :)


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