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Monday, October 3, 2011


Daddy and mummy noticed a sudden behavioral change in me lately. I have been rather restless (cannot sit still and always jumping around), noisy, boisterous and mischievous both at home and outside... totally different from my usual quiet and passive self.

Today, I came home from school and confessed something to mummy...

Me: Mummy, today I was naughty in school so Zhang Lao Shi scolded me and beat me (hit my palm twice with her hand).
Mummy: Huh? *shocked* What happened?
Me: I scribbled on the table with colour pencil.
Mummy: Why did you do that? You know that's wrong, right? 
Me: Yes.
Mummy: Then why did you do that??
Me: Err... I dunno, I'm just naughty lah!
Mummy: .............. then very good lah, teacher beat you!

This was probably the first corporal punishment I received in school. There might have been more but this was the first case that I reported to mummy.

See, naughty or not?
Just yesterday night, I did something that made mummy *shake head* and *roll eyes*....

I hooked a piece of partially eaten pretzel on the handle of my closet in my bedroom. It was left there the whole day and mummy only noticed it at night when she wanted to take my pyjamas from the closet


  1. Naughty sometimes ok also la....:)

  2. Well, we all learn from our mischiveous-ness. Not naughty but playful.

  3. kakakakakakkak....i guess she's in her cheeky phase right now :D

  4. wahahaha...nakal-nya! But yet she is SO CUTE LER!!

  5. Hahaha, pretzels hanging Chloe starts getting cheeky ya.

  6. Uncle Eugene prefers naughtiness than being rude,,,so ok to be naughty but not too much yo.......

  7. Irene: Real one la, the crunchy type. Already (more than) half-eaten summore @-@

  8. Hahaha...occasionally naughty is ok, make life less monotone...

  9. Naughty yet still remain so adorable!*hugs

  10. haha wat happen to you dear, suddenly change in your behaviour? Long time being label as "good girl" now wanna try something wild ar??

  11. I think it's normal that kids at a certain stage of life become naughty. The naughtiness level is likened to that of the fluctuating graph line! ^_^

  12. she is just being creative! hehehe

  13. I think once a while being a little bit naughty is ok. Mine too goody goody lah..haha...but i cannot tahan naughty kids (bad me).

  14. I am sure Chloe has got a piece of mind from mummy. Children will be naughty sometimes, just to test what is the adult reaction. Not too worry, keep reminding her to be good. Reward and praise her for good behavior.

  15. The pretzel..... hahahaha, luckily the ants coundn't find it up there :P

    My girl has turn into the hyper active and naughty girl lately too but the difference is, your girl admit that she is naughty but my girl won't *shake head* But she doesn't feel sad of being punished by her teacher, does she?

  16. Luckily mommy saw the pretzel.
    Hoohoo, or else ants will be definitely there.


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