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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Generous Friend

Every now and then I would bring home some small gifts or party packs from school, given either by my teacher or friends. Just 2 days before the school holidays, I brought home some souvenirs as usual. It was from my classmate RP, who had just returned from a holiday to Hong Kong Disneyland.

RP gave me some candies, a sticker and a Disney Princess pencil

They all looked very ordinary, right? But when mummy saw the price tag still attached to the plastic wrapper of the Princess pencil...

... her eyes nearly popped out! This Cinderella pencil cost a whopping RM35!

Being a miser, mummy felt quite bad for letting me accept such an expensive gift from my friend. She definitely would not have bought it for me (she actually never bought anything for me during our trip to HK Disneyland last year) let alone buy it for my friends! *blush* She then made me thank RP again the next day and if I saw RP's mummy, I had to thank her too. 

Isn't she lovely? 

I loved the pencil very much. I held it and played with it the whole day...

... until I fell asleep... still holding on to my dear pencil! Haha!


  1. Such generous friends (RP + mummy) Chloe has. Souvenirs from Disneyland are real pricey.

    And look at Chloe's height! She's very tall compares to her classmates. I hardly imagine the height difference although you mentioned that she's taller than her age. How I wish my girl would grow a few cm taller :( But what to do, inherited my genes.

  2. Wow, Chloe got a very generous friend here~ THe pencil is nice!

  3. Wow... very very generous friend's mommy of Chloe!! She must be filthy rich!

    LOL, Auntie also tempted to rub shoulder with RP's mommy(jokingly)!

  4. That's very generous of RP and her mummy. Nice gifts.

    Wow..Chloe is so tall. I think Gwen is about RP's height.

  5. Agree with mummy Gwen, you look quite tall, tell uncle what kind of food you eat :)

  6. It only means that Chloe is a great friend to others. That is why she receives from generous friends.

  7. Yes, souveniers from HK Disneyland is not cheap. I am sure Chloe will keep it wel. Such a nice and generous friend,RP.

  8. Chloe,remember we must do likewise for our friends too,ya.

    Generosity is a beauty,you know and it always makes people happy,right?

    Weren't you happy to receive gifts from your friends?

  9. Chloe looks gorgeous in tat blue baju kurung. so sweet.

  10. Chloe is really a sleeping beauty. haha.... Such a nice pencil. I definitely won't buy for my kids too! what more for their friends. So expensive!


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