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Friday, December 30, 2011

Emergency Hairwash at 3a.m

A midnight disaster happened early this morning... I threw up suddenly while I was in my deep slumber. It happened so unexpectedly that I did not have time to reach for my "vomit bucket", which was conveniently placed right beside my pillow.

When mummy heard the all-too-familiar sound and came over to check on me, she gasped in horror! Almost half of the hair on my head was covered in thick, slimy, chunky, stinky muck! I must have vomited in a lying-down position. Feeling helpless and panic-stricken, she did not know what to do to clean me up. Wiping was out of the question because the mess was too extensive so she led me to the bathroom and gave me a good scrub... hairwash and bath... at an ungodly hour of 3a.m in the morning! The stench was so unbearable (and lingering) that mummy had to shampoo my hair twice!

Soiled! 90% of the time, disasters like this happens on a freshly changed bedsheet, including this one... ggrrrrr!

At the same time when this happened, mummy was also awaken by an allergy reaction which caused her whole body to break out in itchy, patchy rashes. She was sleepless the whole night and was scratching the night away before she came over to attend to me.

The itchiness drove mummy up the wall!

Mummy is still trying to figure out what has caused both our bodies to react so adversely. We did not eat anything new or unusual. Earlier in the evening, we had some coffeeshop food in a kopitiam at The Curve and we just ate ordinary stuff like toasted bread with kaya and butter, plain chee cheong fun and nasi lemak. Daddy ate the same stuff too but he was alright *baffled*

Anyway, mummy is glad that my body has efficiently expelled whatever toxin it was. I woke up feeling fine and I'm not sick. Oh yes, before resuming my sleep, I also apologized to mummy (for giving her work to do) and thanked her for cleaning me up :) 


  1. Gosh, hope tat Chloe is getting better now. Scared me too.

  2. Lucky Chloe is fine....

    As for it "Hong Mok"(in Hokkien), Sorry I dunno how to call it in English. I did have once,whole body was itchy and I used warm white wine to pat the rashes...they were gone in few hours later.

  3. Oh dear. Hope both of you are feeling better now.

  4. Oh dear, did mummy figure out what caused Chloe to vomit out of sudden during her sleep? Chloe must be feeling bad for the mess; apologized and thanked mummy later *kisses and hugs*

    Re the itchiness, eczema doesn't only react to food, sometimes due to skin contact too. Try to recall anything which came across to the patches. Take care~

    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year 2012

  5. oh no..poor Chloe and Mommy. Glad to know that the princess is better. Hope the rashes have gone too HweiLi.

    Happy 2012 to you and your family.

  6. Oh no.. Sure it scared both mummy and Chloe..

    Hopefully Chloe is alright now!
    Happy new year 2012!

  7. Thx to her efficient body system, she din fall sick. Jes gave mummy some extra work in the middle of the nite. :) Oooh, the rash looked really bad. Hope they were all cleared the next day.

  8. Chloe is such a darling, knowing to show gratitude and repentance.

  9. Re the itchiness, eczema .. i had this problem lastime , it tortured me about 6 to 8 MONTHS LONG . just look like how u r having it in ur pictures.. really drive me nut ... i m glad to say i m finally get rid of this eczema, mine is due to toxin in the body and in balance hormone after giving birth and breastfeed ...

  10. hi, just pass by~ the thing your mom have is call hong mok " in hokkien" . can get medication for it. A medicine call 'adizio' can solve the prob in half an hour. But still.. it would be best if you consult a doctor :)
    take care~

  11. My god...your rashes!! Hope you are better now.

    But why Chloe vomited? Stomach discomfort ?

  12. I feel geli watching the rashes, coz I was attacked by that too. Aiyo, itchy itchy!


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