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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Follow-up Eye Check-up

After one month of wearing glasses, I went back to see the eye specialist (Dr S) again. Daddy and mummy were very delighted to be told that my vision has improved a lot! The specs has also helped to offset my lazy eyes. Dr S commended on my significant improvement a few times. However, I will have to continue wearing my specs and Dr S will monitor my condition closely. She will see me again (next check up) in another 8 months' time to determine if the MyoVision lens is necessary for me.

That's me sitting in the most unladylike manner tsk tsk tsk *mummy rolls eyes* I was watching Mr Bean on tv, feeling very at home while waiting to get my eyes checked at the eye specialist centre...

Eye tests again!


  1. Good that her vision has improve. Hope next checkup her vision can improve even more.

  2. Yeah, good to hear that the glasses improved her vision.

    Btw, my girl likes to sit 'comfortably' like Chloe, tsk tsk.... exposing her panties, because she wears dresses / skirts mostly.

  3. Oh... so happy for you on your vision improvement. Keep it up and don't give up.

  4. Glad to hear that too. Take well care of the eyes.

  5. Glad to hear that her vision has improved. So will she require a new pair of glasses? Sigh... I've yet to bring mine for their chk-up.

  6. Glad to hear there are improvements.


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