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Friday, February 10, 2012

CH - Then and Now...

Our recent trip to Cameron Highlands was my second trip there. My first visit was more than 3 years ago (in November 2008), when I was just 2y3m, immediately after recovering from chicken pox. We re-visited many of the places there and realized that while I have changed and grown a lot in since 2008, everything else there remain unchanged...

Brown sofa of Equatorial Hotel (EH)... then

Brown sofa of EH... now

Checked chair of EH... then

Checked chair of EH... now

Ultraman kiddy ride... then 

Ultraman kiddy ride... now 

Daddy-daughter bonding time... then

Daddy-daughter bonding time... now

The fruit and veggie replicas in the park... then

The fruit and veggie replicas in the park... now (re-painted)

Tyre swing in Strawberry Park Resort... then

Tyre swing in Strawberry Park Resort... now

Big wooden slide in Strawberry Park Resort... then

Big wooden slide in Strawberry Park Resort... now

At the Bharat tea shop... now

Cactus nursery... then

Cactus nursery... now

Our all-strawberry snacks... then

Our all-strawberry snacks... now

Lata Iskandar... then

Lata Iskandar... now


  1. Love this post. Very interesting. All these pictures can keep as a very good memory.

  2. very meaningful... so good that you can remember all the photos places..

  3. Then and now, CH does not change much. But the little toddler who visited this place 3 years ago has turn into a pretty young girl.

  4. waahh...ur mama memory is so good. Can remember all the places.

  5. Wow... pictures which you will cherish forever...

  6. What a nice collections of then and now!

    Chloe still look cute and pretty~

  7. like this post very much :) You are very ' yao sum see'

  8. These are priceless collections. The pictures do reflect how much Chloe has grown up. Her baby chubby face is real cute.

  9. Nice posts...lots of sweet memories going on here.

  10. I LIKE your now and then.... :)

  11. I loved Chloe's funny, cheeky, naughty, manja n pretty facial expression. Mummy did a good job, updating the THEN n NOW, congratulations!!! Can compare how much Chloe has changed.

  12. Whoaaa... you must have spent time to look for and compare old and new pictures! Like the one with Daddy bonding time the most... precious moments!

    Happy Valentine's to you. guess you will be sharing your man on this day with a younger lady ie chloe? hehehe

  13. Certainly love the "daddy and daughter bonding time - now" pictures!!! What a touching moments to see her growing ups in those priceless pictures!


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