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Friday, February 24, 2012

Theme Day: Carat and Carrot

The first Theme Day of the year was held today. Last week, as soon as I brought the circular home, I told mummy eagerly "I choose CARROT!"

Why carrot?

... because I am in K2 Mandarin Elective and our assigned theme was Things Found Underground

Mummy felt that a carrot was too ordinary so she encouraged me to think of something else. She even gave me a few suggestions...

Mummy: How about potatoes?
Me: No
Mummy: A gopher?
Me: No
Mummy: An earthworm?
Me: Eeeeeee... no way!
Mummy: A gemstone? A diamond, perhaps?
Me: *eyes widened* Yes! I want diamond!
Mummy: But I thought you chose carrot? So make up your mind now... diamond or carrot?

So diamond and carrot it was. However, we did not start our diamond project until the very last minute, which was this morning, just before going to school! It was rush-work done in a cincai manner and my diamond necklace was created in under 10 minutes...

Still clad in my pyjamas, I quickly cut out a diamond shape (drawn on a cereal box by mummy)

Applied glue and pasted the diamond picture on it

As for the carrot, mummy just grabbed one from the fridge. How easy is that? :p There was a reason behind why I insisted on bringing a carrot to school.

Things found underground... a no-carat diamond and a carrot ^-^

Now, check out my ENORMOUS diamond pendant hahaha!

The most fun part was what I did after school. Well, here's where the carrot came in. Meet Topsy & Turvy, my kindy's two pet rabbits that I very much wanted to feed...

Feeding Topsy

Feeding Turvy

Extremely cute, soft and fluffy, Topsy & Turvy are loved and adored by all the kids in school, me included. Needless to say, I enjoyed feeding the bunnies and watching them nibble the carrot away. 


  1. Ahh... so that's why Chloe insisted to bring the carrot! If I have a chance to get up close and personal with cute bunnies, I'll bring the whole carton to feed them :p

  2. wow...killing two birds with one stone...firstly, met the Theme and secondly, feed the bunnies. :)

    Well done Chloe.

  3. Cute bunnies!

    The diamond is well drawn too.

    Happy belated birthday to mommy!

  4. LOL... can't make decision, so decided to have both, yeah? LOL... smart girl. Auntie like the day you think. =D

  5. mommy is so creative :) wow, chloe's kindy is so much fun. they even have pet animals for the kids!

  6. Clever mommy to fulfill her little girl request.

  7. My elder April loves rabbits a lot. It is so nice that Chloe's kiddy has rabbits. I want to compliment mummy Chloe for making such a beautiful diamond for Chloe.

  8. What's up doc?....Uncle Pete wants a carrot!

  9. sei lo...tomorrow the school asked E to bring a cup and a toothbrush. Gonna learn gosok gigi at

  10. The diamond necklace looks very nice! Chloe's kindy is so much fun... so many activities and have bunies too :-)

  11. how long have the school been keeping the rabbits? So fun la!!

  12. I like the activities that conducted by Chloe's kindy. So fun!


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