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Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 2 - Margaret River & Fremantle

13th March 2012

Day 2 started with us packing up and checking-out of the motel at 7am. We had breakfast on the go (ate in the car). We spent a lot of time on the road today but enjoyed the nice countryside scenery along the way.

The people here live a very laid-back lifestyle and every town we visited seemed to be extremely quiet and serene, just like this lake we saw on our way to Margaret River in the morning....

Dunsborough Lake... so tranquil and beautiful!

Driving along the coastal roads, we came across another lighthouse... The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Margaret River is a wine region so we drove past acres and acres of vineyards. We randomly picked one, got down and were hopeful of seeing some grapes...

At a vineyard but nope, we didn't spot any grapes here. Maybe we didn't look closely and left in a hurry (because we were trespassing someone's private land :p)

Since daddy and mummy aren't into wine, we did not visit any winery but went to a chocolate factory instead...

At The Margaret River Chocolate Company

Chocolates galore!

Peeking through the chocolate window to see how chocolate is made

I spied with my little eyes and I saw... chocolate flowing from a "tap" that never stops!

We had some free chocolate samples... a cherry truffle and some mini chocolate buttons

Morning tea at the patio... daddy also ordered a pot of peppermint tea (it's freshly brewed from mint leaves, not from teabags)... refreshingly nice!

Mummy also bought something from here in order not to appear like we ate their chocs and used their washroom for free hehe :p The chocolate bar soap smells so yummy!

The rest of the day was spent travelling back up to Perth city. On the way, made a quick stop in a mall in Mandurah for lunch. I had a huge and chunky piece of pizza loaded with a thick topping of cheese... yummy! Mummy and daddy shared a big box of assorted salad from Sumo Salad

Hmm... now how do I eat this? Err, I can't even hold the fork and knife properly... help, mum! *mummy shakes head*

We headed straight to Fremantle after a very late lunch at almost 3pm! Upon arrival at Fremantle, it was close to 5pm and again, all the shops were getting ready to close for the day :( It was also too bad that the famous Fremantle Market was closed on that day. We just walked around and did some shopping at a supermarket. Thankfully, one of the supermarkets here close at 9pm :)

The Town Hall of Fremantle

Where are we going, daddy? Where are we going, mummy? Where are we going? This is my most FAQ.

Eh, what a coincidence... I am wearing a Cotton On blouse too ;)

Oh look, there's a wishing well right in the middle of the city!

The almost deserted town at 5pm

Finally, we rushed back to the city to check-in to our motel. We stayed in this motel for our remaining 3 nights here. Daddy chose and booked this motel because of its strategic location - it is right across the CBD (central business districts) of Perth. 

Very clean, comfortable and most importantly, no musty smell! 

At the bridge linking our motel to the city centre

Night city tour on foot

As for mealtimes, mummy is sad to note that we haven't been very adventurous in food-hunting. Limited by daddy and mummy's restricted diet (daddy doesn't eat beef and mummy doesn't eat any meat at all, except for fish) we had quite a bit of difficulty searching for "suitable" food to eat. Most of the time, we ate really simple things and "supplemented" our meals with the fruits and yoghurt stocked-up in the fridge. For dinner today, we tried something new...

Spinach and cheese Turkish Gozleme. Tastes like roti canai with cheese and veggie fillings. Not bad :) 


  1. Wow...I am enjoying all the beautiful photos...Those places are so relaxing.

  2. Whenever we went for a trip, my girls also would ask the same question as Chloe's FAQ.

  3. If I were at the chocolate company, there'll sure a big hole in my pocket! LOL.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. wah so niceeee....sorry for a moment there i thought i saw you makan roti canai borong choco back ka?

  5. I heard that Australian "rest" pretty early, so what activity we can do at night for night owl like me? :P

  6. Awesome trip. As this is considered as an adventurous trip, Chloe of course will throw lots of FAQ.

  7. Lovely Day 2. So, did you all get anything from Cotton On? hehehehehe

  8. Smallkucing: Of course got borong chocs back but not from this choc factory lah ;)

    Choi Yen: We are considered night owls too but over there, the long (whole-day) outings made us so exhausted that by 9pm everyday, we were already in bed! :)

    MtC: I didn't bother to walk into Cotton On because I didn't see the "Sales" sign :p

  9. Oh... I prefer chocolate factory to wine one. I'll sure go crazy with mountains of chocolate there :p

    Turkish Gozleme... hmm, next time I'll buy roti canai and put my own filling to make one :)

  10. Nice photos, the sky is so BLUE. Yummy chocolate, I went this factory last time too.

  11. Lovely scenery! Kids would loved the chocolate factory!

  12. Seems like a very relaxing trip!

    Why you don't like any meat but fish only? What about Chloe?

  13. MommyAngel: It's not that I don't like meat... I just avoid it because of health issues. Chloe eats anything and just about everything :)


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