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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nothing's Happening...

... which explains why mummy has been slow in updating my blog. Well, here are some random updates on what I have been up to lately...

Mummy bought more books for me recently. Although she kept reminding herself not to buy too many books for me (and too frequently), she just couldn't resist the good bargains at a recent book sales. Here are some of the books she bought for me, just some...

My new collection of hard cover Enid Blyton story books (only RM7 each)

Because of daddy and mummy's crazy book-buying spree, we ran out of bookshelf space some time ago. Our home has been "littered" with hundreds of "homeless" books piled up at almost every corner until daddy could no longer tolerate the mess and decided to give those poor books a proper "home"...

Let me help you, daddy... I know how because I watch Handy Manny, you know ;) 

Our spanking new Billy bookshelf from Ikea... it was immediately filled up from top to bottom, leaving no space for future new books :(

My new-found love... Where's Wally?

Kindy Field Trip
I went for my kindergarten's first field trip of the year on 1st March. I joined the K1 group to Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras, where we went for a nature walk followed by a lunch picnic at the playground. Mummy did not go with me on the trip but she managed to steal some photos from my kindy's Facebook :p

One for the album... with my teachers and some of my friends

Milo ice-cream for dessert at the picnic (we had chicken rice for lunch)

Loose tooth
Since late last year, mummy noticed that my teeth are very widely spaced out, leaving unsightly gaps in between, especially on my lower jaw. This "widened jaw" is a sign that I'm growing well and that I'm ready to "change to a new set of teeth". 

Big gaps between my teeth (they used to be close and neat before this)

As expected, one of my lower teeth started to feel shaky last month. It is so shaky and loose now that it can even move side to side, revealing a huge gap that many times fooled mummy into thinking that the tooth had dropped. 

See the "hole" on the bottom row of my teeth? The "hole" is actually a gap as all my teeth are still intact! 

Many people have been commenting that I have lost weight, esp Ah Ma and Mah-mah (both my grandmas).  Even friends and other people close to me have been commenting that I look very skinny lately. Well, as long as I'm eating well (I actually eat quite a lot) and growing healthily, being skinny doesn't bother mummy that much. 

I'm skinny because I am tall... I am growing upwards, not side ways, that's why!

Playing the piano is my latest passion and look forward to attending music classes every week. I am still very self-motivated and I will practice without being told. I can play all the pieces in Book 1 (most of them self-learned) and mummy is considering letting me skip a grade or maybe send me for individual piano lesson sooner. The class that I am attending now is more suitable for 4yo and I find the lessons too simple and not challenging enough.

Here are 2 videos of me playing two of my favourite pieces - I Am King and Hot Cross Buns...


  1. I love the hardcovered Enid Blyton books too. I tried to buy from the recent booksale in Subang, but unfortunately I was too late. I only managed to buy 2 of them :(

  2. wow...lots of new story books.

  3. I love Enid Blyton as a child. Where was the latest book sales you went to? I would love to stock up the school's library.

    It's fantastic that Chloe is an avid reader. You are doing a great job mommy!

  4. I love the new book collections!

  5. Enid Blyton books.... my childhood reading :) I've almost forgotten about it, until Chloe showed them here.

    Wow, the "widened jaw" is a significant proof that Chloe is growing very much lately. Avery doesn't have any loose tooth yet, and aunty Yvonne here is waiting anxiously :p

  6. Nice book shelf. She really enjoy playing piano. Smile and happily let mommy record down :)

  7. Talking about skinny, my two girls too are very skinny though they eat supper almost every night. Just like what Chloe's mummy thinks, as long as they are healhty, I shouldn't worry much. I also let my children read Enid Blyton books, but I didn't buy, I borrowed from the club library. Well done to Chloe, I need to ask my daughters to play only they will play piano, otherwise they prefer to watch cartoons.

  8. Picture 6:
    Classic sitting position. Thought she would have 'out-sit' that position.

  9. School holiday just started. Happy Holidays to you and mommy!

  10. RM7 per Enid Blyton is cheap... no wonder can't resist. Enid Blyton are very good books. I wonder when my boy can start reading all these nice books.

  11. I saw Chloe's spec is a bit wide. Did u check with her doctor? You can actually get a smaller/narrower frame for her.

  12. Those new books must keep Chloe busy for a while :-)

  13. ahhh...Chloe is a voracious reader eh? that's good. i wish mine is too :) long as she's healthy, it doesn't matter if she's not growing sideways :)

  14. My comment earlier seemed to have dissapeared. Anyway, was just saying that you shld check out the Popular Sale at Subang Avenue. Hubby went there yesterday and bought some Enid Blyton hardcover books for RM5.45. U shld go check it out. (and buy more shelves. he he)

  15. She's really very tall dy. If Ethan stands next to her will be until her waist only -.-

  16. She looked adorable in the excursion photo. I like the way she squatted down.


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