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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marco's Pizza

Last Thursday (28 June), I went on a very fun-filled field trip to Marco's Pizza. I kept telling mummy how fun it was to roll the dough (with a rolling pin), spread the pizza sauce, sprinkle toppings on it and send it for baking.

Let's make pizza!

Besides pizza, we also made ourselves a bowl of healthy salad with lettuce, egg, apple, raisin and salad sauce.

Caught on camera with my blur-blur look

*All the photos above are taken from my kindergarten's Facebook album

Besides making pizza and salad, we also had a fun session of singing, colouring and decorating our pizza boxes.

My colouring... bad mummy laughed at my mouldy and rotten mushrooms... LOL! 

However, we did not have pizza for lunch. Instead, we had pasta, nuggets and ice cream. The pizza became our "takeaway souvenir". We brought it home to be shared with our loved ones...

My very simple pizza box decoration... I just drew a small pizza man with a big slice of pizza

I made this all by myself... classic hand-tossed with chicken ham, mushroom, cheese and pineapple

Yummy!!! I loved my self-made pizza and thanked myself again and again hahaha!

I had 2 slices of pizza plus a big scoop of mummy's vegetable mashed potato for dinner, before going for my JMC concert

Prior to this field trip, I've already been here many times with daddy and mummy. We came here to utilize the many food vouchers received in the goodie bags from my Sports Carnival in Sunway Lagoon.

Yay! We're having pizza again!

Some of the pizza, pasta and soup that we ordered...

And here are some of the FREE stuff that we had, redeemed with the food vouchers...

Free regular pizza, free pasta, free tiramisu, free ice-cream (this was for liking their Facebook page on the spot)

This is not a paid post but we would like to say that the food here is good, especially their thin crust pizzas... and this explains why we kept going back again and again :)


  1. Wo...lovely. can make and can bring home.

  2. This is so fun! The pizza looks good!

  3. Such a wonderful activity for Chloe! The best part is that she gets to doggy-bag and bring home for her loved ones to sample too! How nice is that!

  4. Bryan would have loved to visit Marco's Pizza. How come different branches go different places? The last field trip he went to was some pet farm at Rawang.

    1. Actually Chloe joined the K1 group this year because she went on all the K2 trips last year. The farm trip looked very fun too. I saw kids ploughing a field, tapping rubber and even drinking cow's milk fresh from the udder!!

  5. It was so fun..making pizza and salad.

    The pizza looks delicious.

  6. never been to Marco's Pizza but based on your recommendation , will have a try if I happen to be at that area ;-)

  7. Wah, so much fun! How come I don't get this during my kindy years... Hehehe. Oh, the almond pulp, I read somewhere on the net that we can roast them to spread over cereal or juice for that extra crunch. But for me, I throw la... Guilty. The next batch I will try roasting them. Tip, don't used roasted almond because the taste will be different. For carrot pulp, it is so fine, I mix it in the rice cooker when cooking rice. For vege, I put in the stems so far and discard the pulp.

  8. Now Chloe can make pizza waaaay better than aunty Yvonne. I'm still looking for some decent recipe to start with, the simpler the better, haha!

    Pizza is one of my favourite fattening food, and we only have 2 choices here - Pizza Hut or Domino's.

  9. Yummm...I always prefer thin crust pizza. Not so filling.

  10. wah pizza making, really fun and interesting. Em how come my kids kinder still haven't mention any field trip for this year...

  11. Chloe's kindy always organize fun field trips. Gwen has been to a few of her school field trips but so far no pics. The food looks good.

    BTW, where is Marco Pizza located?

    1. It's in Kelana Jaya, in one of the shoplots right opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

  12. U have enrolled Chloe into a very fun kindy! Got so many activities.

  13. Making your own pizza is so much fun!!

  14. School trip issit? Chloe was having so much fun there! How nice if parents could join hor...

  15. Great school trip.
    Kids have the opp to hands on in doing the pizza, I am sure they had so much fun!

    I like the souvenir.


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