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Monday, July 23, 2012

No Playing on Bed!

Mummy is a cleanaholic and she imposes all sorts of "rules" pertaining to cleanliness around the house. One of them is "No playing on bed or sitting/sleeping on bed with clothes that have been worn outside the house". My bed is strictly for sleeping (with clean pyjamas on) and it has to be CLEAN at all times.

Well, one fine afternoon, I broke this rule. I've never played on my bed before so obviously, I've either forgotten or was not aware that this rule exists! With loud music blaring from my very own CD player in the bedroom (the one I won from my sports carnival), I was having a great time playing "doctor-doctor" with my stuffed animals when mummy walked in.

Dusty toys strewn all over my bed!

She was about to grumble at me but when she saw this, she broke into laughter instead...

Pooh bear with an ill-fitting stethoscope hahaha!

Thanks to Winnie the Pooh, mummy did not scold me but told me to put the toys away and reminded me not to play on bed again. She wanted to change the sheets immediately but was too lazy to do so. Instead, she just wiped the bedsheet with a damp cloth. Crazy, eh?


  1. muahyahahahahaha..... I laughed too!

  2. haha....that pic was really funny! But Pooh's ears are on top.....hmmm....

  3. cute. I'm sure I won't scold her.

  4. Oops...looks like Pooh cannot be a doctor. Cos if he wants to hear tru the stetoscope, he can't see. Ha ha.

    Wow, first time I heard a "rule" like this. ;)

  5. hahaa....very cute. Ashley is not allowed to eat on the bed too but she can do other things :P

  6. When you see something hilarious like that, how can you scold anybody anymore? hahaha

  7. I think Pooh needs a "longer" stethoscope :p

    Chloe's momma is so strict, wow!

  8. haha the Pooh wearing stethoscope is so funny.

  9. When I Looked at the POOH's picture, I laughed funny!

  10. I can see Chloe's room is really clean and neat. It looks so cosy too.

  11. Being a cleanaholic is good. I can never be like Mummy. Hahaha...Pooh bear looks so cute like that. My room is Gwen's playground, she still sleeps with us.

  12. Hahaha, Winnie the Pooh is sooo cute!! High five to you, coz I also have the same rule - STRICTLY NO dirty clothes, not even sweaty house clothes on the bed which I call the Holy Ground. Feets must be washed before climbing onto the bed and clothes changed before they sleep. The rule apply to Hubby as well. Hehehe... If ever I see anyone break the rule, I scream like I see a cockroach!

    But I salute your mummy even more, she wipe with damp cloth and attempts to change the bedsheet? I wouldn't do that because 1) if no maid, I don't want the extra laundry, and 2) got maid and if I do that, my maid will be angry at me!

    Cleanaholic rulez!!!


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