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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Disney Junior Birthday Book

I was chosen to appear in Disney Junior's Birthday Book again. This is my 3rd appearance in the catchy birthday dedication video clip featured daily on Channel 613...

I am featured at 0:20 where the lyrics go "Light the candles make a wish, your cake and ice-cream are so delicious..." Here are some of my photos in different scenes taken from the clip...

That's not all... my photo was also picked as the thumbnail photo in YouTube so mummy found my video straightaway without having to view each of the videos one by one :) 

Can you spot me? I'm in August 2012 (Pt 3)

This was the actual photo submitted (minus my glasses), taken in June 2012 and emailed to DJ immediately, "fresh from the camera" ;)

My previous 2 appearances here were during the Playhouse Disney days back in 2008 and 2010. Looking back at these two old posts, mummy couldn't help but noticed how much I've grown and changed!


  1. Wow, Chloe is a famous little star already! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Chloe! So good, somebody already uploaded to You Tube. That pic of Chloe is very nice.

  3. Happy Birthday to Chloe. Last time, I also sent April and May's pictures to Disney Junior's Birthday Book. I stopped sending 2 years ago.

  4. Happy Birthday Chloe. You've grown prettier each year :)

  5. Happy 6th Birthday to Chloe! (2 hrs and 20 mins in advance) hehe


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