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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Finally Like It!

I used to hate mooncakes. Even until last year, I refused to have any and I had no interest in trying them at all. This year, however, things took a turn for the better. Not only do I eat mooncakes now, I actually love it!

Are you sure this is nice? Let me try first...

1st bite... mm, not bad. 2nd bite... quite nice. 3rd bite... love it already!

After acquiring the taste for mooncakes, I've grown to love almost everything from the plain "pig biscuits" to the traditional lotus paste as well as those fanciful flavours like green tea, bamboo charcoal, red dates, fruity and cheesy ones... anything as long as it's not durian haha!


  1. haha you dislike durian...hope one fine day you will get love with it.

  2. No durian?! Auntie love durian! Anything with durian "blend" well with me :)

    Actually I only love plain lotus paste mooncake without yolk. But my taste buds change drastically this year. I began to accept other flavor, too :p

  3. High 5 Chloe! I don't like durian too! ^^

  4. Kid's taste changes as they grow right. Maybe one day she will love durians :P

  5. My two girls also don't really like mooncakes, they take only a bit even for now. But then, I agree we need to continue introduce to kids new food, they will sure accept it one day.

  6. Both my girls also started to love mooncake this year.

  7. I am on strike buying those mooncakes this year. The prices are increasing unjustifiably.
    Kids will certainly love the sweet paste inside.

    1. Same here, Leona :) In fact we haven't been buying any since few years back. We boycott the buying but not the eating though... people give, we eat lah :p

  8. hahaha...ask your mommy to bake some for you. less sweet

  9. I dun really fancy mooncake. Find them too sweet. Same like you, ppl give, we eat la. haha...

  10. good that chloe is enjoying the mooncakes. does she like those with yolk? mine doesn't want any yolks or kuaci :)


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