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Friday, December 14, 2012

My 1st Experience on the Lex Slide

I got "bitten by a daredevil bug" at Empire Shopping Gallery recently. Although we've been to this mall many times, never once did I ask for a ride on this. On this particular day, however, I kept begging mummy to let me ride on this...

It is the world's tallest indoor tube slide

The slide spiraling 5 floors down

I met the minimum height requirement of 110cm and that's about the only requirement needed to ride on it

Watch me slide all the way down!

Safe landing... loved it! Can I go on it again???

Second round... Yes! I did it! (RM10 for a single ride and RM15 for 2 rides)


  1. Aunty here scared of heights. You are very brave Chloe.... High 5!

  2. Wow, world tallest indoor slide??

    I'd like to have a try too! Is it open for adults? Haha :D

    1. Yes, it's open for adults too. We saw a few big-sized, macho mat sallehs screaming their hearts out haha :p

  3. Chloe is so brave! I myself don't even dare to try haha.

  4. Wah, Chloe is so brave! I went there once but did not ride it :D

  5. Very brave girl. I dun think my girl can take it, I guess she her face will turn white.

  6. Brave looks scary to me.

  7. Chloe is very brave. I dont think I got the courage to ride this.

  8. We were there on 3 December. My girls bugged me to let them try the slide. Looking at the price, mummy chicken out. I kept telling them this slide is too scary.

  9. Chloe is so daring!! I don't think i dare to slide down at this height!

  10. Bravo Chloe. Glad you enjoyed the slide. I think I dare not :)

  11. Well written journal... Chloe matured so much...


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