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Monday, January 14, 2013

Hotel Stay Marathon

During the school holidays, we experienced a "frantic rush" to use up all our hotel membership free-night-stay and meal vouchers as well as those from our time-share... all done at the very last minute before leaving for Shanghai. For the records, we went for 6 hotel stays in a short span of just over 1 month :p

Here are some of the highlights...

Crowne Plaza Mutiara KL - we also stayed here last year.

We had i-Hop, a buffet lunch at Planter's Inn

Goodbye Crowne Plaza... we are going to miss you very much! Thank you for the happy memories. (This hotel will cease operation soon and will be demolished for redevelopment)

3D2N in Palace of the Golden Horses (AGAIN!)... this time, we had our room upgraded to the Minister's Suite... it was very huge and cosy, with 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 televisions!

We also spent 2D1N in The MINES Wellness Hotel with Auntie BS, mummy's old buddy

Sheraton Imperial KL

We all loved the big bathroom with windows that provided natural lighting

Swimming time!

Enjoying my must-have bubble bath

Buffet dinner at Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL

I love staying in hotels! When can we do this again, I wonder...


  1. I realy like the last picture of Chloe, she looks so happy.

    Wow! Staying in 4 hotesl in a month. You sure owned a lot of hotel memberships

  2. Hotel marathon~ LOL! Look at Chloe's happy faces in all the photos.

    My children like hotel stay, too. The best part is the bath tub and swimming pool, hah!

  3. Wahhh..wahhh..a truly hotel marathon.

    For me, I just malas to pack because all packing done by yours truly

  4. When? You're staying in 1 now for a month! :p

    1. Ya, and this will be a record-breaking longest one too! ;)

  5. The last picture of her on the bed, is PRICELESS! SHould be enlarged and framed up! Aunty Irene so big girl also looovvvee hotel stays, of course the good ones only. : )

  6. My kids also love hotel stay. You really did a hotel marathon!

  7. Wow..hotel marathon..that's so fun.

  8. Sam has been pestering me for hotel stay for long time , lucky you can stay in so many different hotels~~

  9. So all free stay done during the hotel marathon? Nice hang out here before you fly away.

  10. You bought quite a number of time sharing.. :)

  11. LOL... hotel marathon. Lucky girl!


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