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Monday, February 4, 2013

Greetings From Shanghai

We have just entered the second month of our new life in Shanghai. Daddy started work almost immediately (on 2/1) after we touched down on 1/1. While daddy was at work, mummy and I “hibernated” in a hotel for almost a month! Oh yes, for the first month, we stayed in a nice and luxurious hotel (provided by daddy’s company) while house-hunting and school-hunting. Our house and school search ended pretty early in the second week of our arrival so we basically relaxed and enjoyed our hotel stay to the max!

We finally moved in to our “new home” on 26th January. It is a very small but cosy 2-room apartment conveniently located right across a big shopping mall (with familiar tenants like Parkson, Carrefour, H&M, Uniqlo, McDonald’s, KFC etc.) and a lovely neighbourhood park. The Metro subway station is just 10 minutes’ walk away.

So far, we are adjusting well to the new environment and lifestyle here. The weather has been good and kind to us – it’s cold but not too extreme. We love our new home and the neighbourhood, the food here is not too bad and shopping (esp fresh fruits and veggies) is cheap!

We visited 6 international schools during our “Great School Hunt”. International schools here are very, very costly with tuition fees averaging between 70,000yuan to 120,000yuan per year (RM35k-RM60k). We picked the one that is nearest to our home, which also turns out to be the most expensive one! *daddy sweats* I will start school after CNY.

In the meantime, I have been “doing nothing” at home. Besides doing Maths practice, bina ayat for BM and watching tv at home, mummy and I walk to the shopping mall (only 5 minutes’ walk away) almost everyday hehe. Everytime mummy walks into Carrefour, I will sulk and complain I’m bored because she takes forever to buy groceries. There’s just too many new stuff to see and browse!

Here are some random photos to do the rest of the talking…

Relaxing at home

The nice park just across our home

School-hunting in one of the schools with the nicest and most impressive compound 

A weekend stroll in the famous Nanjing Road... can you spot me and daddy?

Lepak-ing at The Bund

The famoud scene at The Bund

Night scene at Nanjing Road

Resting our tired feet in a tram

Playing with giant Lego bricks at a Lego roadshow in the mall... they are currently running a contest to win VIP entrance passes to Legoland Malaysia ;)

Smaland in Ikea... yes, they have Smaland here too *big grin*

My favourite local food... tang bao (soup dumpling aka siu loong bao). Eating out can either be very expensive or very cheap depending on what and where we eat. For example this meal here for a family of 3 cost only 29yuan (RM14.50)... the noodles come in big portions and can be shared. Cheap, eh?


  1. So nice to hear from you again, glad that things went well and you've got a new home, nice!

    Here wishing you and family, gong xi fa cai!!

  2. Glad to know you all settle down very well. Hope Chloe will adapt to her school life later. Wish you all Happy Chinese New Year.

  3. All the best to you and your family.
    Happy Chinese New Year.

  4. What a lovely greeting from Shanghai!

    I'm glad Chloe and family are adapting well there. Please share more of your life and doing in the new city. Aunty Yvonne enjoy reading and looking at the photos.

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    p/s: will Chloe be coming back to Malaysia for CNY?

  5. Hope everyone doing well in Shanghai ... i miss shanghai :)

    U take k too, And Happy Chinese New Year to u and ur family .

  6. I raised my eyebrows immediately when hearing your house is so close to H&M, Uniqlo and many malls. Great! I like to stay near the mall, because I love shopping. Muahahaha!

  7. lovely! glad that all of you are adjusting well to the new place. i would love to stay so close to a shopping mall...hahahaha

  8. Great! Very convenient for shopping. Wish you & family Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

  9. Glad to know that Chloe and her parents are adapting well to new environment.
    How convenience to stay so close to shopping mall and metro subway! Keep us update your 'adventurous' new life up there. :)

  10. Glad to know all of you are adapting really well to a new environment. Your house is very nice and cosy. Wow..staying so close to a shopping mall..great!

    Take care and Happy Chinese New Year!

  11. u will be staying in one of the most beautiful place in China. hope to read more updates from you and family. take care dear Chloe and listen to mummy and daddy ya!

  12. Good to know you and your family are doing so well in Shanghai. So good to have a nest so close to shopping mall!!

  13. Very nice house....
    I hope one day can go to Shanghai for holiday....It is a very nice place.
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

  14. glad to see you are online again :)

    happy to hear you are adjusting well. Do blog more if time permits

  15. Glad to hear everything went smooth and you all have been good there.
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family

  16. So happy to hear from you. Nice house and nice place to stay. Like going for a holiday tour only????? Will share with mum the photos.

  17. RM 14.50 for whole family? Here at Malaysia the price can't even feed 1 person!

  18. Glad to hear that you and family are adapting well in a new place. Happy Chinese New Year to you and family :)

  19. Really nice to read your updates again... hope to read about your school, etc and take more pics of CNY in Shanghai! Gong xi gong xi to you and family!

  20. hi, it's been some time i never visit your blog, too busy with my life worrying about Carol. So you and ur girl will be settling down in Shanghai for permanent? Good to hear that. The apartment look nice!


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