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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eating Out 2 - Sheng Jian

Soup dumplings aka "siu loong bao" is a very popular food in Shanghai. One of the variations of siu loong bao is "sheng jian" (生煎) or fried dumplings, where the top part is fried to an aromatic crunch while the soup still maintains inside the dumplings.

Our favourite "sheng jian" shop is Yang's Dumpling. It is a popular chain found in many malls.

We usually order their springy mung bean noodles (粉丝) to go with the fried dumplings.

Springy and chewy mung bean noodles with fishballs, tofu puffs and black fungus

Sheng jian with crunchy, golden-brown top and sesame-seeds-covered bottom

I don't like the thick dumpling skin but I like the meat filling. Mummy doesn't eat meat so she eats the dumpling skin and I eat the filling :)

The kitchen is just beside the dining area and from the large glass window, we can see how the kitchen helpers work with their fast, skillful and efficient hands! (This photo was taken from the take-out counter beside the glass window)

A slightly different version of sheng jian from another shop... with black sesame seeds

Here's something not related to sheng jian but it is quite uniquely China...

Red dates yoghurt ;)

Surprisingly, it tastes really good! Both daddy and mummy love it but not me. I still prefer mine plain or fruit-flavoured :)


  1. I love Sheng Jiang. It's a sin not to eat it when u r in Shanghai. =)

  2. Sheng jian looks yummy to me, never try it before!

  3. Food looks good and special. Red date yogurt, I bet it is sweet.

  4. Sheng Jian looks yummy. Red dates yoghurt must be good too.

  5. I've never eaten or heard about Sheng Jian b4. Looks good!

    ps: I'm learning a lot of new things about China from your blog :-)

  6. All the food look super yummy.

  7. Wow, so many nice food pix in your blog and they are making me really hungry! You're such a lucky girl! When it comes to dumplings, I only eat the meat, don't like the skin ;)

  8. So many different version of dumplings. Red dates yogurt this is very special.

  9. The soup of the mungbean noodle looks plain, does it taste bland too?

    1. Most of the food here are very "ching". It may look plain but it's not bland...just nice for our simple taste buds :)


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