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Thursday, June 20, 2013

10th Anniversary & Grand Harvest Parade

My school celebrated its 10th Anniversary and Grand Harvest Parade with a picnic-style outdoor concert recently. Both daddy and mummy attended this event, which was held on an extremely hot and sunny Monday morning (daddy took time-off from work). 

The entrance pass

The outdoor stage

The event was held in the school field

At a far end corner of the field was our vegetable patch. Well, this Grand Harvest Parade was not to celebrate the harvesting of these vegetables, of course! 

Daddy and mummy's picnic spot. We love the nice picnic mat... the surface is soft and fleece-y while its base is insulated with plastic. Can't wait to go for a picnic at our favourite park soon!

Things in the goodie bag (besides the picnic mat, 2 straw hats and 2 hand fans)... a bag of potatoes, bottled water...

... and some snacks :) 

The concert started with a big bang... the banging and beating of drums!

Little performers sunbathing under the scorching sun, waiting for their turn to perform.

Me and my little friends, all dressed in a farmer's outfit.

I sang two songs in two separate group-singing. Can you spot me? I'm the tallest girl standing behind.

Hot, hot, hot!! While doing the "8 Silken Movements" (a type of qigong), my very loving class teacher went around fanning us with a hand fan and even helped us to wipe sweat haha.

As soon as the outdoor event ended, we proceeded to our classrooms for some activities...

Every available space in our classroom is nicely decorated with our school work

Some of our Maths home projects displayed in my classroom... the rainbow clock and Snake & Ladder number chart are mine. 

My Snake & Ladder number chart must be quite special because it was the only one on display. Mummy helped me with the toothpick ladders and playdough snakes ;)

The school emphasizes a lot on family values as mummy noticed many family photos placed around the classroom for various subjects. Ours was there too, for a Maths activity :)

Oh yes, my friends and I hosted a Science Quiz for our parents. All the daddies and mummies were required to go around the classroom answering science questions and collecting stamps for each correct answer.

Attending to a quiz participant... What do plants need? Water? Sunlight? Ice-cream? Haha!

Daddy went around answering all the questions correctly and he won a prize... it is a T-shirt for me :) Printed on the tee is a photo of all my classmates and I. What a nice gift to remember all my friends!


  1. You must have a very best time that day.

  2. Oh parents have to answer several Science questions? just like quiz...

  3. Frankly, aunty Angeline here loves the T-shirt won by your daddy.

  4. nice one... I don't think our school system has something so exciting!

  5. Haha I like Chloe's farmer's outfits! Very cute!
    This is quite a nice event, but weather looks hot...

  6. Hi hi... nice school, nice vege patch and nice school work you got there... now we know how heavy your mummy is, hehehe, ok kidding. Curious why the bag of potatoes in the goody bag... does it represent something? Why not radish, or beetroots, or...?? I like the tee-shirt idea. It's very thoughtful, better than junk food and stationery, hor.

    1. I guess potatoes are more versatile and easily accepted gua, compared to radish or beet root. Plus they can be packed days in advance which they can't do the same with greens, me thinks :)

  7. Nice event at China. I hope M'sian schools have more events as excited as this.

  8. wow terrific t-shirt. your daddy is certainly very clever and you are too

  9. This was indeed a very interesting event for Chloe.

  10. Very nice snakes & ladders chart! And that T-shirt is very nice too...


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