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Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Wet, Wet Summer

In the blink of an eye, we have already entered our third season here in Shanghai. It is officially summer now and we have been enjoying very nice weather in the past one month or so. We love the current comfortable temperature, which ranges from 18-30C. The really hot days have yet to come (the mercury could rise up to 40C, we were told). So far there has been a lot of rain. It has been raining in the past few weekends so we did not explore any new places in the city. Balik-balik, we just lingered around the neighbourhood (just in case it rained, we could just head home easily).

Mummy bought me a new umbrella simply because it was the plastic-ky transparent type (which we do not have) and of course, because it was too irresistibly cheap! Can you believe that this tongkat-umbrella costs only RMB5? After currency conversion, it is a mere RM2.50! ;) Although cheap, it is far from being flimsy and has dutifully served us for more than 3 months now. Still surviving and looking good...

Me and my precious pink umbrella... I like to look up and watch the raindrops fall on my umbrella :)

We spent most of our outdoor time lepak-ing in (where else but) the park near our home. I enjoyed reading in the park (the nice and cool weather was just perfect for this), kite-flying and cycling.

The fountain in our apartment garden was finally switched on :)

Reading in the park

Reading in the park again...


Cycling again... (but still very much dependent on the training wheels)


Kite-flying (with the kite that we brought from home, bought in Cherating actually)

Go kite, go!

Looking forward to more sunny days ahead!


  1. Looks like Chloe is having lots of fun there!!

  2. awesome! there's no better place to spend your free time than at the lovely park.

  3. Ooh... I like Chloe's sense of fashion. So Korean type.

    The weather here is unbearable warm and humid. I dare not go out from my office or house. I rather not move around because I start sweating when I move an inch.

  4. Love her new umbrella. I just went Daiso today and saw these transparent umbrellas...RM5 is already cheap for me..hehe

    Looks like a great place to lepak. And the weather is just right unlike in KL haha.

  5. growing to be an awesome kid. Love her uniform. Guess she is happy that sunny days are here

  6. Chloe is growing up so much, she looks so tall in all pictures.


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