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Monday, September 2, 2013

Cute Pancakes

Inspired by the many cute-pancake-making videos and ideas that mummy saw on Facebook, she decided to try making some yesterday. 

She reused this Kewpie mayonnaise bottle, which has just-the-right-size nozzle and makes a good batter dispenser

I was very eager and excited because I love pancakes. While mummy was busy "drawing" and flipping the pancakes, I stood beside her the whole time to watch (and eat all the failed, distorted ones haha). As it turned out, making these cuties was NOT as easy is it looked. The batter that mummy made this round was too runny so she had difficulty controlling drips and smears. Here are some of the "can see" ones that she made...

Animals, smiley face and...

...simple shapes and patterns

Miffy (the rabbit) followed me to school today as my mid-morning snack :)

Oh yes, one of mummy's attempts to make Hello Kitty failed miserably. Hello Kitty was hideously disfigured and we both had a good laugh over it. Suddenly, I rushed out of the kitchen and returned a minute later with my doodle board. Pointing to my drawing, I added "Your Hello Kitty is not that ugly la. See, mine is uglier". Hahaha! 

Battle of the ugly kitty... I drew it not so nicely on purpose (I could do better than this) to make mummy feel better... aaaww! :)


  1. aww...mommy is so creative! btw, how do you make the outline? Chloe is one thoughtful girl :)

  2. The pancakes are so lovely..sayang to eat. Chloe's HK looks better than mummy but it's not easy to make HK pancakes lah..good effort by mummy.

  3. Ohh....they still look beautiful! Ya... how to make the outline and eyes ? I wanted to try too....any tips. I have the kewpie bottle too !

  4. I should have taken more photos of how I did it step by step but I was too busy concentrating on the pancakes to grab the camera.

    The method is actually quite simple...just draw the outline with the squeeze bottle. Add in the eyes, nose, mouth or whatever pattern you want to make. Wait for a while to let it brown a bit. Then fill in the rest of the batter and quickly flip over. You can also search for videos on YouTube to watch, to get a better idea on how it is done. Have fun trying! :)

  5. Wow...this is cute. I am hoping to see the steps by steps of making this cute pancake.

  6. Meow.... haha nice and cute kitty. Other animal faces & pattern is cute too.


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