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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Daddy's Home!

Daddy came back late last night from his 6-day business trip to Taiwan. This was the first time mummy and I were left alone in a foreign land... just the two of us for almost a week. While he was away, I had some "security issues" at home every night.

Obviously, I didn't feel very secure when the man of the house was not around. Every night at bedtime, I would remind mummy over and over again if she had double-locked the main door. I would check the windows to make sure they were closed too, although mummy told me that Shanghai is relatively very much safer than KL/PJ. Over here, house break-ins are very rare and snatch thefts on the streets are almost unheard of. But I still felt safer with daddy around ;)

Anyway, daddy's home and I can go to bed with peace in my mind again :) 

Video-chatted with daddy almost every night before going to bed as usual

Due to his tight schedule, he did not have time to go shopping this time but he still did not come home empty-handed. Here are the little bit of local snacks that he got from a nearby mini market (mini market also sells a wide range of Hello Kitty merchandise!). The junkie snacks were all taken from his hotel room mini bar (FOC and replenished daily) while the French chocolate on the left was a last minute purchase at the airport...

A little something for his girls :p


  1. Haha not bad, mummy and Chloe had survived the week without daddy at home!

  2. Chloe is a cautious girl :)

    Noy bad la got hello kitty "hand letters" from papa

  3. Although no time for daddy to shop. But still he manage to bring home something for his lovely daughter.

  4. Chloe is so aware of her surrounding..clever girl. Daddy never fails to make her 'girls' smile..😄

  5. Chloe is very matured for her age. Good girl. Mommy is strong too to be able to survive for a week. If me... habis dy!!!


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