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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saturday Outing - Xintiandi and Fu Xing Park

Two Saturdays ago, we went for an "outing to nowhere" and landed in Xintiandi. Xintiandi is an affluent shopping, eating and entertainment district in Shanghai...

There wasn't much to do here so we just window-shopped and walked around aimlessly...

At the entrance of a posh mall, K11

The odd-shaped "sculpture" above was actually the roof of the basement level of the mall

Several rocking horses were placed randomly inside the mall so I just climbed onto one for a quick ride :)

After a short mall-hopping, we walked to a nearby park. Yes, park AGAIN haha! (and more to come)

Fu Xing park is 104 years old, according to this manhole cover, which also features a rose in the middle...

... because there is a beautiful rose garden here.

This could be the main attraction of the park but the roses are quite "scattered around"

Anyway it was still a lovely sight...

Oh no, amusement park again!

I charmed my way into daddy's heart and "conned" him into buying me a ride hehe ;)

Ancient-looking Chinese garden

Lovely autumn colours


  1. The park so nice. Cool not hot. can walk with leisure

  2. Wow, look at the beautiful and colorful flowers. And the changing hue of the leaves. It's nearing winter, no? But flowers are still blooming?

  3. Fuiyo your pose in front of that posh mall! So gaya! I love autumn.. nice pictures there!


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