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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

He Ain't Old, He's My Father

Backdated post

Me: Mummy, can I donate some money... (filled in details)?
Mummy: You go and ask your old man.
Me: Who is my "old man"?
Mummy: You think and see...
Me: Err, is it Gung-Gung (grandpa)?
Mummy: LOL!

Me and my not-so-old (yet) "old man"

received a cute toy tarsier after making a small cash donation to help the victims of the Phillippine's Typhoon Haiyan (through a charity drive in my school).


  1. You have a good heart, Chloe.....and no, your daddy is certainly not old.

  2. She so darn pandai la. Naughty mummy tease her ah. No wonder she thought it's kung kung


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